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3 Tips to Turn Price Shoppers Into Value Buyers


Price Shoppers. Tire Kickers. Time Wasters.

Whatever you call them, everyone dreads getting a call from someone who is “just shopping around, trying to get an idea of what it will cost.”

Many sign companies do whatever they can to get these people off the phone as quickly as possible, so they can move on to more important tasks and customers.

However, with a little patience and a little skill, you can convert these price shoppers into value buyers.

Step 1: Don’t Give “Ballpark” Pricing.

Try to avoid the temptation of saying “Something like that will probably run you about $XX,” and hanging up. Simply tell them that you are unable to quote without seeing the files/vehicle/location for the signage.

Step 2: Make Them Earn It.

Instead of just giving them a quick quote, make them do something to earn it, such as emailing you photos or specs. This way, you not only continue the conversation, but they have to prove their interest and make a time-investment in order to obtain a quote. Then, when you do follow-up, it will be with accurate pricing, and you can properly sell the full value of working with your company.

Step 3: Schedule a Meeting or Inspection First.

Ed Corpe, owner of Charlotte sign company SignsID, tells us that his closing percentage goes way up when he schedules a face to face meeting. There is no better way to build a relationship than a personal meeting.

Personal Connection = Increased Trust = Greater Perceived Value

Remember: Price Shoppers are Still Buyers!

If someone is calling you to get pricing for a sign, chances are they have a legitimate need for a sign. Most people do not waste their time prank calling sign companies looking for quotes.

The way that you handle the conversation and relationship tells them right off the bat what they can expect from working with your company. If you aren’t very thorough in getting the proper details to deliver a complete quote, they will most likely assume that you are not going to be very thorough when completing the job, either.

Building Value in Your Offer

Everyone is looking for the best deal, and some people mistakenly give the impression that they are looking for rock bottom pricing, when what they really want is the best value.

The value of your offer is greater than just the price alone, and when you give off the cuff pricing, you are neglecting to show the other benefits of working with you, such as expertise, creativity, speed, and quality.

If you listened just a little longer, you may find that you have a different product than what they requested that will better suit their needs and their budget. This creativity is often a clincher for many buyers. They are looking for someone to help them get things right, and if you are the one who is there for them providing outstanding advice, even if your pricing may be a little higher than others, they will most likely stop shopping around because they trust you and therefore want to do business with you.

Bonus Tips For Maximizing Your Leads

Remember, whether you are working with us or generating leads in another way, you are paying for them either in dollars or time, so don’t let them get away without a fight.

  • Assume that when the phone rings you have already made the sale, and speak to them as if it is a done deal.
  • Be excited about their project, and the benefits it will have to their business. Make sure they understand why they NEED the product they currently just want, and why they NEED to get it from you.
  • Follow-Up Fast, Frequently, & Forever. More on that later.

Real Leads. Real Results. Real Fast. Mark My Words Media

If you need further assistance or would like us to review your calls to provide feedback on how you can better handle price shoppers, just let us know. We are always happy to support you in any way that we can.

Mark My Words Media is a lead generation firm with 20 years experience in connecting buyers with sellers online.

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