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A Simple Step by Step Guide to Writing SEO Articles

1. Research On Subject (product/service)

  • Google the subject you will be writing on.
  • Copy/Paste the information that you can use in your article onto a document clearly marked Research, along with any links for references.
  • Highlight key points that you’ll want make sure to insert into your article.

2. Keyword Research – use Google Adwords

  • You will have to make an account to use Google Adwords. However, it is easy to do and free.
  • Enter in your main keyword or phrase in the box. Example- If you are writing articles on toothpaste then enter in the word toothpaste.
  • Click on “get keyword ideas”
  • Go through the keywords/phrases and click on “add” on the ones that you will want to use. NOTE: The keywords higher on the top of the list are better for the SEO of your articles because they are in the order of “relevance” which is import in achieving “theme density”. Also, if a keyword will not make sense in your articles then don’t add it to your list.
  • After you have finished selecting the keywords then click on “Download these keywords” on the right of the screen. Download it in either text, xls (excel), or csv. Whichever is easiest for you…remember to save them!

3. Write Your Article

  • Just focus on writing interesting content that is written in the correct person (1st,2nd,3rd), use accurate grammar and spelling (always use spell check!!)
  • Always make sure that the information that you are putting into the articles is valid…If you are not sure then compare with at least three other resources (ex. Wikipedia or the library). Still not sure? Then don’t use that information!
  • My favorite resource when writing articles- Bookmark it! It will help make your article sound more professional and you won’t have to keep repeating the same words!
  • Keep you paragraphs short. People lose interest fast!!!

4. Insert Keywords – It’s easier to leave this till last, but you don’t have to.

  • Read through your article once or twice (make last minute changes to grammar, spelling and etc..)
  • Then put your keyword list in a smaller window in order to read the article yet look at your keyword list at the same time.
  • Insert the keywords in the article where they most make sense. Always insert your “main” keyword into the title, beginning, end, and call to action (only if you are trying to sell something).
  • Remember! Google does not pay attention to capital letters, periods, commas and other “white noise”. You get what I call “backward keywords” in your keyword research yet it is still important to add them into your article. Here is an example on how you can accomplish this easily! Example: keyword- toothpaste whitening. Inserting into article: Always remember to brush your teeth on a daily basis with toothpaste. Whitening your teeth can be accomplished with even this small task.
  • Always highlight your keywords that you have just used in your article on your keyword list. Highlighting the keywords in your keyword list ensures that you will not use the keyword over and over again( which you will not need or want to do).
  • Always highlight the keywords in your article to make it clear that you have not underused or overused keywords. Of course you will want to unhighlight them once they are done and ready to use.

5. Edit – Ask someone else to read through and edit or wait at least a day to read through the article again before posting.