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Beef Up your Blog with Visual Content

Words, words, words… do you think your clients ever get tired of just MORE WORDS?

I know that I do. It seems like I spend most of my days reading this article or that one, and end up retaining only a fraction of what I have read. This is frustrating to say the least. How come so many good ideas are just presented as text?content with visuals gets 94% more total views

Well, Mark My Words Media is here to put a fresh twist on your standard blog. It is no secret that people learn best when presented with a combination of media. It engages more of the brain leading to higher receptiveness and increased comprehension of ideas. So while article on top of article may look good to search engines, a variety of media formats will be more appealing to your clients and will lead to a higher conversion rate than just standard text.

Boost Views with Video!

We recommend augmenting your blog posts with other types of media. Let’s start with video. Even the most basic videos can result in higher user engagement. In fact, we can take many of the blog posts you already have and convert them into videos. This way, you get the SEO value of having the text on the page, as well as the higher engagement achieved from having a video. This also allows you to capture both the users who ‘prefer to just read the article’ as well as those who ‘would rather watch a video’. Video creation can be as complex as creating live action or full-animation videos, or can be as simple as text and graphics with a voiceover. What is best suited to an individual article would often be determined on a case by case basis, though many would benefit from even the most basic video treatment.YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world

Increase Engagement with Infographics!

Another popular type of media that can increase conversion is infographics. Infographics are best used to make comparisons, describe a process, or to display a set of facts or statistics. Many blogs currently consist of this type of article, but aren’t currently using this information to it’s full marketing value. By turning this information into an infographic, you can literally give a more complete picture of the information that you want to share with your readers. Infographics improve website traffic by 12%

Encourage Sharing!

As an added benefit, these types of media are typically what is considered “highly-shareable content” meaning that it is more likely to be shared on social media and linked to by other blogs because it is not only informative, but also entertaining. Creating content that has a wide appeal and is conducive to a high share rate is the first step in building a viral following of users who can’t get enough of what you have to say.

We Can Help!

Reach out to us today, let’s talk about how we can turn all of those words that you have already have in your blog into even more engaging content! But don’t just take our WORDS for it… check out this nifty infographic for more reasons why!

Add visual elements and images to your blog to increase conversion and engagement