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Calling All Technically Challenged Business Owners – Help is Here!

This is not another step-by-step plan to somehow automate your way to awesome search rankings, social media dominance, and build a content factory that is the envy of your industry. We understand that you are busy, and you most likely do not have the time, nor the desire, to immerse yourself into tech culture.

Now, here is what you should do if you REALLY are technically challenged. If you are a too-busy-to-learn operations manager/owner or you don’t have an in house tech team…


“Hire a razor sharp tech team” that meets the following criteria:

  1. Years of online experience – there is no substitution here. No college degree will solve this deficiency, but years of in-the-trenches, dedicated work in the field will.
  2. Proven success – this is something everyone wants to model. No business remains in business unless they provide value for their clients. Any tech team should be able to provide you client references or a portfolio of work that can help provide proof of their success.
  3. Size matters – (pardon the pun) but it is not a matter of how many employees there are on staff. It is more about the volume of work that is put into research and development, both for themselves and their clients. If an online marketing agency is not hands on, managing both their own portfolio of sites and client campaigns as well, then how could they possibly keep up with the latest tactics and strategies for success? Predicting what is going to happen, rather than reacting to what already has, requires daily immersion in the world of internet marketing. After all, yesterday’s news is useless on the web.

Finding that agency that can “drive your online business” should be one of your highest priorities for business growth. Many business owners delay researching internet marketing agencies in fear it’s too expensive, the agency will require more work of the owner than they will be doing, or they simply don’t know how to measure whether the investment is worth the cost or effort. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Imagine your future where steady growth is the norm. Income growth is expected and in a meeting you simply tell a staff member to check with your tech team to get the answer – without your uneducated staff trying to figure it out. Ah, but it is that way for so many businesses that let go of the past and begin to deal with the future and things (i.e. internet marketing) that they are not comfortable with like (social media) and truly begin to feel like they are in charge again and not having the market wag their tail.

My sincere hope is this article motivates you to take action to begin your research and find your agency that you can partner with and begin a process to online success.

If this is you, let’s have a discussion and find out how we can help you get out of the weeds.