What You Can Expect From Your Campaign

Distribution, Trajectory, & Channel Projections

What can I expect from my lead generation partnership with Mark My Words Media?

Fast Digital Marketing Campaign LaunchIt is true that no two campaigns are the same.

However, we do have a general growth guideline that we consistently work to exceed, whether working with a family law attorney, sign company, fence contractor, doctor, or any of our other partner verticals.

We utilize both paid and organic marketing channels to deliver a consistent flow of leads, growing in quantity and quality as your campaign matures. The exact blend and productivity of our methods evolves along with your campaign.

The First Year

campaign mix trajectory breakdown

In any given market, for any given niche, we would expect a successful campaign to deliver somewhere between 25-30 Real Leads your first month. Some campaigns may have lower initial projections, but if that is the case for you, then you are already aware of those expectations.

Our current new campaign first 30-day average is 28.87, so this is a goal we are pleased to be consistently meeting for our partners, though your mileage may vary.

At the onset of your campaign, a very high percentage of your leads are coming through our paid channels. This is the fastest method for generating leads, and allows us to get early insights into search behavior. We can use this insight to not only maximize your paid channels, but also optimize our organic SEO efforts.


Completing your lead manager is especially crucial at this time, as we are setting the trajectory of your entire campaign. There may be modifications to service, product, or exact market targeting at any time during our relationship, however, the more information we can get in this early period, the better prepared we are to deliver the type of leads you most desire.

Why Paid Ads Aren’t A Long-Term Solution

Why Choose Us?The problem with long-term paid ads is that you only get what you are willing to pay for. The value of your paid ads does not exponentiate or grow over time. While there are methods we can use to reduce costs and maximize budgets, when we stop paying for ad space, the leads stop. Immediately.

We determine on a case by case basis when it is the right time to turn on or off paid ads, and may use them at times other than the onset to support your campaign, such as to test the waters for a new search phrase, product, or geographic market.

Some campaigns require us to consistently run paid ads for only the first couple of months, while some are still getting support from paid methods even after their first year.

Typically, we start to see enough results from our organic campaign by about Month 6 to significantly reduce the paid ads budget. We are then able to utilize those resources to better support your long-term, more sustainable play for organic search results.

Winning With Organic Search

Market ResearchThe great thing about organic leads is that unlike paid ads, the only limit to your organic leads is the physical number of people in your target area searching for your services. As long as you are able to maintain your portfolio of various key phrase rankings, you can continue to get leads long-term.

However, like every marketing technique, it has disadvantages as well as advantages. Search engine optimization is boring, task-heavy work that takes a lot of skill, effort, and mainly time before it becomes effective and starts to produce results.

This means that it would not only be several months before you would see results from an SEO only campaign, the slow and steady pace means that there isn’t a lot of flexibility in changing direction mid-course, making it a challenging method to use when testing new products, services, or markets.

Once you stop actively working to support your SEO efforts, you will start to see your rankings degrade over time. Typically, it takes about ¼ of the time you spent building your rankings to see them disappear. If you actively support your SEO for a year, then you can expect to see the results of your efforts fall off after about 3 months.

Google can choose to stop loving your listings or website at any time, no matter how much time, energy, money, or effort you have put in.

This is another benefit of working with a professional. We are deep in the trenches and can see the changes on the horizon, allowing us to be proactive rather than reactive to Google algorithm adjustments and changes. We can even amp up the energy on other marketing efforts when we identify potential changes with Google search.

This means that while your competitors are scrambling, unsure of why their incoming leads stopped cold, you may not even notice a dip in lead counts.

Google Verified Business Listings

Proven SuccessThere is another component that has a great impact on your lead count, so we would be remiss to not mention it here. Your Google verified business listing (the maps results shown in search on desktop and mobile) is another important factor in supporting your campaign.

The number of leads this method generates will also reach a plateau. Unlike paid ads, however, this plateau can be maintained with regular optimization tasks, more similar to the type of tasks we perform to support our organic listings.


Generating positive reviews for your business is the best way you can support your Google business listings.

While we utilize many other supportive marketing methods, activities, and techniques, they are mainly targeted at supporting these three main lead generation categories.

Your Total Lead Counts & Trajectory

Sure, you can expect about 30 leads your first month, but what about month 6? Month 12? Month 24?

Lead Count Expectations

For most campaigns, their initial lead counts typically double by months 8-12. It is not uncommon for campaigns in their second or third year to consistently enjoy well over 100 leads each month.

Not every campaign has a straight growth trajectory. There are ups and downs to any market that can make consistent growth challenging. As we are better able to improve the quality of your leads, lead quantity may actually even decrease, which really just means we are wasting less of your time with less than ideal opportunities.

Tools & Resources

Your lead manager is the best way to tell us which leads you like best, so we can get more of them. You can find more information on how to best complete your lead manager here:

If you need assistance with phone handling, or creating a script for answering incoming calls effectively, here is another great resource you can use:


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