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“My Business Tripled!"
Emerson Law

That was 8.5 years ago…

Client Introduction:

Andrew Emerson, an attorney specializing in Family Law and Real Estate Law, initially experienced inconsistent results with his marketing efforts. He described it as “touch and go.” After consulting with Mark My Words Media and gathering insights from other attorneys benefiting from our services, he made the decision to come aboard.


The Collaborative Process:

Working with Cody is always a pleasure. He is direct, knows what he wants but also has enough experience to help us help him by not being so caught up in things that do not move the ball. His no-no-nonsense approach helps us understand and also deliver the cases he wants which has allowed him to open multiple offices.

The Impressive Results:

Even in a smaller market, we have consistently provided an average monthly lead flow of 50 verified leads this year.

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“Scott and his team here have done such a great job for me and my business. I have been with Mark My Words Media since 2015 and it truly is one the main reasons my business has been so successful.”

Andrew Emerson’s journey is a testament to the effectiveness of partnering with Mark My Words Media, which has played a pivotal role in the growth and success of his legal practice.

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