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Close More Sales With Fast Follow-Up

Be The Early Bird: Close More Sales With Fast Follow-Up

Just the Facts According to a Harvard Business Review study, you are 100x more likely to reach a prospect if your call is returned within 5 minutes versus even 30 minutes later. Translation: The sooner you reach out to connect with a new potential customer, the better chance you have of reaching them and engaging read more

ready for trick or treat!

10 Ways Marketing Is Like Halloween

You stand at the entrance to the nicest neighborhood in your town. Flanked by your best buds and armed with treat bags and the most convincing costume you can come up with, you are ready to go make your pitch. "Trick or Treat!" Your request is greeted with admiration and handfuls of delicious treats. Now, you had read more

How Google Determines Search Results

What REALLY Happens When You “Google” Something

You search Google using a keyword, phrase, or even a question, and get a series of results, often very relevant to your request. So how does Google do it? How do they decide what to show, when to show it, and who to show it to? The Magic Formula For Search Results First is the read more

branding materials

10 Tips for Creating Effective Flyers, Sales Sheets, & Leave Behinds

Putting together an effective leave behind or sales sheet for your clients can be challenging. There is lots of information that you could potentially share with them, from technical aspects to proof of your professionalism. What you choose to leave behind should be carefully considered, relevant to their project, as well as useful and compelling. read more

Corebridge Quote Email Template

Free CoreBridge Sign Quote Email Template

Does this email look familiar? Subject: Your estimate: INV-3291 John, Your estimate with estimate number: INV-3291 is attached. Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions. Our secure on-line customer portal remains the most convenient way to make payments. Please ask if you need assistance with this: Thanks, ExampleCo If read more