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The Contents Of Your Ad

Just to cover the basics of a Google Local Ad…..

As with any landing page, there are some basics that Google Local needs, and these are as follows:


Be adventurous, make it stand out!


It only needs to be a valid address… (hint, hint, evil laugh 馃槈

Phone Number:

Yup, as you始d expect


Get YOUR keywords in here

PLUS Custom Attributes:

You can use additional keywords here too

I始m showing the details here for adding a single ad, and in reality you始ll only do this for testing purposes (I始ll cover pictures shortly).

In reality (and to get best coverage) you need to have multiple locations to capitalize on Google Local, and to do this you need to bulk import via the 驶Upload Bulk Business Feed始option. The bulk import is a simple CSV file and the structure is simple, i.e.

StoreCode, Breakfast BarmsInc, 34 High Street, Washington, etc.

StoreCode, Breakfast BarmsInc, 12-14 Low Street, NYC, etc.


The bulk load tool is a real bonus compared to directories such as Yell, where you have to start with individual entries and they take ages for approval.

Just remember, don始t include HTML formatting in here, as Google will try and remove it.

Pictures & Videos – Content For The Ad

In addition to the expected detail for the ad, Google will allow you to upload pictures and video URL始s from YouTube. This is a must, because on a Google Local search at least one of your photos will appear. The same concept with Landing Pages applies here, in that being驶eyecandy始 will attract your customers. I始d avoid stock photos here and use 驶real始 pictures associated with your business to give a real effect.

I始d also recommend a video too, if its appropriate to your business. If you get someone to your ad, you need to convert them and the extra content may just be what始s needed to get them over the finish line.

Hold On – I始m Not Being Listed!!!

Don始t worry just yet – Google often vets the content you upload, so don始t always expect an immediate response, and you may see an 驶awaiting verification始 if this is the first time. Although you should only see this the first time you create your Google Local Ad, I would recommend verification by mobile phone to speed up the approval.

Google takes into account the physical IP address you are searching from when available in addition to the keywords entered. I始ve had instances where a competing business is listed first, even though they are absolutely miles away! This is simply because Google believes that company is more relevant to the search than you.

Coupons – Free Money!

Well, sorry but the free money isn’t for you or I – but I始m sure the heading caught your eye!

With Google Local you can create coupons that help your site stand out more – buyers like coupons. We use it to generate interest in the site, in the same way that we use the word 驶free始 on landing pages, as it pulls people into your funnel.

I expect that Google will focus more on coupons in the near future, and for this reason I始d recommend putting them in at Day 1 and include graphics. One of Google始s other Lab Projects is an aggregation feed for Coupons, so I始d expect some developments here shortly too.

Application of Google Local

If you have access to multiple physical addresses, create multiple ads, as your business is now pan-American and pan-European.

Create Coupons – this is eye candy for surfers, FREE FREE FREE. Google will focus on this more and more.

Use Keywords for your categories, and don始t necessarily rely on Google始s categories.

If you始re listing, use a non-geographic telephone number to avoid Google thinking you only have one location.