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Criminal law firm lead generation is unlike marketing any other niche, legal or otherwise. The criminal defense space is hyper-competitive and full of big-pocketed, marketing-smart players. Unless you are just entering the legal field, you already know that attorney online marketing that actually delivers is hard to find.

Fortunately, we aren’t like the other digital marketing and lead generation agencies out there.

See, the way we handle criminal defense lead generation is a little bit different from the other guys. Maybe PPC isn’t right for your market. Perhaps Pay Per Lead marketing isn’t a good fit. Maybe SEO is too competitive. Our talented legal lead generation specialists find the perfect blend of digital marketing techniques based on your target geographic market and most desired lead type. We execute your customized marketing strategy with flexibility, being responsive to both market fluctuations and your specific lead feedback.

And instead of misdirecting you with flashy reports that don’t really mean anything, we make sure you are laser-focused on the only thing that really matters- building your criminal defense caseload with Exclusive, Targeted, & Trackable Real Leads.

So Let’s Talk About Leads

Targeted. Exclusive. Trackable.

The specific blend and quantity of leads that we attract for your criminal law firm will closely resemble your local community, because that is who they are! They are real people, in your target geographic area, seeking the services you ask us to promote. Buying leads in a payperlead advertising for criminal defense attorneys program can be a good short-term solution, however, as soon as you stop pulling out your wallet, the leads stop. Often, these leads are shared with other attorneys, and it becomes a race to the close. Our leads are exclusive to you and you alone, and are delivered in real time, letting you have a conversation or follow-up with them immediately.

In order to maximize our reach within your target market, we provide all-inclusive marketing strategies, allowing us the flexibility and versatility to completely customize your specific online marketing blend to your needs. Your specific marketing mix could include paid ads, search engine optimization, mobile marketing, local business listing management, retargeting ads, content marketing, and many other online marketing techniques at any given point in time. Being nimble with our approach to marketing means that we can focus our effort where it will make the biggest impact, when it matters most.

Because the only thing that really matters to you is that your phone keeps ringing with new qualified leads.

What You Can Expect

You Tell Us What You Want. We Make It Happen

Before we start working with a criminal law attorney in any particular geographic location, we first have an open and earnest conversation. We want to learn what you like best, what you like least, where you want to target, and what success looks like to you. Once we have a firm understanding of your goals and expectations for your lead generation campaign, we can put a plan in place to exceed them.

  • Our Tampa Family Law partner since 2015 got 36 Real Leads his first month.
  • Our Las Vegas Criminal Law partner got 17 Real Leads his first month.

As far as day to day management of your marketing campaign, there is very little that you need to do. All we ask is that you answer the phone, provide outstanding service to your new potential clients, and provide us with feedback on the quality of the lead. We take care of everything else. Feedback can easily be provided anytime, day or night, via our Online Lead Manager Dashboard. The lead manager provides you with access to the details of every contact we have sent you, including the status of the lead, notes from our team, and areas for you to provide feedback, rate the leads, and track your marketing ROI.

It’s A Delicate Science

With Proven Results

Above all else, our criminal law marketing experts are really data scientists. We aren’t new to this game. With 23 years successfully connecting buyers with businesses, we not only have insight into marketing fluctuations and trends, we also have an unrivaled wealth of proprietary campaign data that can be utilized for your benefit. Our historical data and past experience allows us to utilize the lessons we have learned to accelerate campaign launch, meaning you get more criminal defense leads, faster. Our 5-star reputation and 100’s of success stories are proof.

Of course, all the leads in the world aren’t worth anything if you can’t track the ROI. Historically, tracking the results of marketing campaigns has been a challenge. It has always been difficult to really understand how a new client was acquired, and what you spent to get them in the door. We take the guesswork out of marketing ROI calculation! Our legal partners love the accessibility of our cloud-based Lead Manager Dashboard because it not only makes it easy to monitor incoming leads, you can directly tie those leads to actual profit dollars and pay clients for your law firm.

Did We Mention That It’s Fast?

Real Fast

Most singular marketing tactics are either too slow or unsustainable. Our past experience, research, and the past experiences of our clients tell us that our competitors utilizing SEO alone typically don’t deliver a single lead until up to 90 days into their campaign! The legal markets are far too volatile for this type of strategy to work.

You need someone who understands the unique needs of law practices, and how to deliver Real Leads, Real Fast. Our goal is to accelerate your marketing campaign launch and provide steady, dependable lead growth so you can start retaining more criminal defense clients, and growing your bottom line, faster. We typically start delivering new criminal defense leads in as little as 2 weeks from launch, with many legal clients getting their first lead on Day 1.

Our flexible approach to criminal lawyer marketing means we can kickstart your campaign immediately, providing new, qualified leads 5X faster than our search marketing competitors.

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