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Mark My Words Media Celebrates 22 Years in Business
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 Accelerated Criminal Law Lead Generation
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Accelerated Campaign Launch- Most of our competitors start to deliver leads anywhere from 30-60 days from campaign launch. We are different. With 20 years of online marketing experience, we have developed a process that allows us to start delivering leads for our clients in as little as 2 weeks, so you get a return on your investment much more quickly.

Immediate Criminal Law Lead Delivery- Not only do we start delivering leads faster than any of our competitors, there are no barriers between you and your potential clients. We deliver all of your criminal law leads immediately to you (and only you) as a direct phone call to your business phone, with a whisper letting you know it is an incoming lead. When someone completes your form, it goes directly to your preferred email address.

Verified, Targeted Local Leads- Your criminal law leads will be from real, local people in need of assistance from a real criminal law attorney, just like you. Since our leads are verified, we are able to determine which leads are real leads, and never count telemarketers, past/current clients, or spam calls in your lead counts.

Lead Conversion Training- Your success is dependent on your ability to convert the leads we send into clients. We provide access to our extensive online knowledge base of legal lead conversion training articles and tools, as well as live conversion training and assistance from our team of lead generation experts.

Want to learn more about Mark My Words Media and accelerate the growth of criminal law firms online?

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Criminal Law Firm Online Marketing & Lead Generation

We believe that a strong partnership is one where everyone has a role suited to their strengths. We are experts at criminal law lead generation, and want to work with criminal law attorneys who are serious about growing their law firms. We deliver local leads that are ready to be closed. Your job is to get them in front of you and do what you do best- provide them with outstanding legal support and guidance.

We currently work with criminal lawyers all over the United States that want to increase their case load. Regardless of your area of focus in criminal law, we can deliver a steady stream of drug cases, burglary cases, DUI cases, and other misdemeanors & felonies.

Getting Started with Mark My Words Media

It all starts with a Free Initial Consultation. During this consultation, we discuss your law firm and your growth goals, what success looks like to you, and answer any questions you may have about us and how we work.

When then take the information you provide and get to work doing research on your local area, your legal focus area, and what type of volume you can expect to receive from us.

We then come back to you and work together to determine a monthly goal that will provide your firm with a positive return on your investment and develop a focused plan to provide those legal leads to your firm. If it sounds good to you, this is your chance to say “Yes”, at which time we will immediately launch over 120 tasks for our experienced staff of lead generation experts including techs, designers, and writers who immediately go to work building your online presence.

To learn more about Mark My Words Media, our 20 years of experience in online marketing, and our proven results delivering better leads for our criminal law clients, just give us a call to start the conversation.

Call us at (800) 243-2077 for a Free Consultation with one of our Criminal Law Attorney Online Lead Generation Experts!


Mark My Words Media Delivers Exclusive Human Verified Leads
Mark My Words Media Celebrates 22 Years in Business
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“We are now moving into our second office expansion and that would have not been possible without Mark My Words Media.”

– Jarica Cairns – Cairns Law

Cairns Law, Family Law Attorneys

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