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Dominate Your Local Market Online – Part 1

(a well-written series from a marketer in the trenches)

Nearly all businesses that are not thriving on the internet, are not thriving at all, so says a number of recent reports. No doubt the ongoing economic stagnation is a big factor.

If you are a service professional, consultant, or simply a business targeting local customers, and you are not on top of your internet marketing game, then you need to get hip- and get hip in a hurry- or your competitors are going to eat your lunch. On the other hand, with a little attention, a little budget, and a huge desire to be on top, you can be all that you can be.

If your Internet marketing strategy is not generating the quality and quantity of leads you want and need, then stop doing it! If it’s not working now, it won’t be working next week, next month, or next year. But don’t give up on Internet marketing!

Let’s jump start things by checking the most basic details, and find out if your search “visibility” is what is should be. Now, before you run off to find out the answer, decide just how well you think your local business is listed in things like the online yellow pages and other business directories which Google often references for data, reviews, and social engagement metrics. Ok, rate yourself now before you head off to to find out. Ok, I’m going for coffee while you check…

I’m back. What did you find out? Are you meeting the basics and if you are, then don’t get too excited because that’s just the beginning. If you are not, bookmark this site and get someone on it right away or take the easy way out and hire to do it for you.

Do be aware that there are upsells everywhere and you will get calls from some of these businesses, promising higher visibility and better search rankings…yada yada yada. Just be polite and hang up.

Leads are at the heart of most of our businesses. Is your website optimized to get the most from the traffic you currently get? By getting some of your ducks in a row, you can get more of what you have now, and a much higher return on you marketing spend in the future.

First, how about a little checklist for your website:

  1. Is your phone number at the top and large (maybe even your office hours)? We like the phrase, “Live Customer Service 9am-5pm EST” as this has resulted in more calls.
  2. Is your address on the footer of every page of your website? When people search for terms that also have a local geographical target like “Chiropractor Nashville” then other phrases on other pages may also come up because of your address on the footer of the page.
  3. Do you have an interactive Google map if you want them to come to you? A good user experience is important to trust, as well as convenience.
  4. Here is the biggest one of all. Our years of testing has resulted in an increase in no less than 300% increase in leads for site makeovers when we add a contact form to EVERY PAGE OF THE WEBSITE. The positioning and other factors matter too depending on your type of business, but make no mistake about it- this is a big one!

So take these 4 things and get started doing them today. We will be back with more tips for you on dominating your local market using the online experience!