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Marketing your family law firm online is unlike marketing for any other niche. Hyper-competitive, the market is full of smart attorneys who already know that online marketing that actually delivers is hard to come by.

However, we aren’t like other family attorney lead generation agencies out there, either. We aren’t a web design firm or pay per lead firm.

See, the way we handle generating leads for lawyers is a little bit different from our competitors. Maybe a PPC campaign or social media marketing isn’t the right play for your market, or perhaps SEO is too competitive. Our family law lead generation experts find the right blend of digital marketing techniques for your local or target market and most desired lead types. We execute your customized marketing strategy with flexibility, allowing us to adapt as needed in response to both market fluctuations and your specific lead feedback.

Instead of misdirecting and distracting you with flashy reports and talk about rankings and traffic, we keep you laser-focused on what really matters- building your family law caseload with Exclusive, Targeted, & Trackable Real Leads.

So Let’s Talk About Leads

Targeted. Exclusive. Trackable.

The type and volume of new leads that we attract for your family law firm depends on your desires, your geographic location, your preferred prospective client type, and your budget. Our attorney marketing plans are customized to your specific needs and goals.

Our lead generation programs for family lawyers are all-inclusive, allowing us the flexibility to completely personalize your specific marketing blend to your unique needs. We focus our effort where it matters most, when it matters most, to deliver the best possible ROI for your marketing dollar.

Because the only thing that really means anything to you is that your phone keeps ringing.

What You Can Expect

You Tell Us What You Want. We Make It Happen

We start with an earnest and open conversation about you, your business, your goals, and what a successful campaign looks like to you. Once we understand your expectations for your inbound marketing campaign, we immediately set to work developing a game plan to exceed them.

  • Our Tampa Family Law partner since 2015 got 36 Real Leads his first month.
  • Our Columbus Family Law partner got 34 Real Leads his first month.
  • Our Chicago Family Law partner got 32 Real Leads his first month.

We have been doing attorney advertising for a long time, and we have it down to a science. Our team of dedicated and experienced family law marketing experts handle the thousands of nitty-gritty details and manage the day-to-day operations of your unique marketing blend. All we need from you, our partner, is feedback on the general direction of the program. Feedback is easily provided through our Online Lead Manager, which provides you 24/7 access to all of the divorce, child custody, child support, and father’s rights legal leads we have delivered for you.

It’s A Delicate Science

With Proven Results

We are data scientists, above all else. Our 23 years of experience developing successful web businesses means that we have insight into long-term marketing trends, allowing us to predict and adjust with more precision and skill. However, an even more significant benefit is the unrivaled wealth of campaign data for divorce lawyers and family law attorneys we have accumulated that can be used to accelerate the success of your online campaign- and our 5-star reputation and 100’s of success stories are proof.

Tracking the ROI of your marketing efforts is vital to understanding whether any activity is profitable or not, so we make it easy for you to do. Our family lawyers love our cloud-based, digital Lead Manager Dashboard because it provides the ability to monitor all incoming leads easily and tie those leads to actual paying clients and profit dollars for their business. It also allows you to provide lead-specific feedback, allowing us to know exactly what kind of leads you want more of.

Lead generation for divorce attorneys has never been so easy.

Did We Mention That It’s Fast?

Real Fast

Marketing for search engines is a historically slow process. Both our clients and our own research show that our local SEO competitors typically don’t deliver a single family law lead until 30, 60, or even 90 days into new lead generation campaigns for law practices.

Frankly, this is unacceptable. We focus on delivering a positive return on your investment as quickly as possible, so you can start growing your business faster. By streamlining our systems and processes, we start delivering steady, qualified leads in as little as 2 weeks from launch, with many clients getting their first lead as soon as Day 1.

This flexible approach to attorney marketing means that we will kickstart your campaign from the onset, providing lawyer leads up to 5X faster than our competitors.

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And Start Getting Leads Tomorrow!

If you are a divorce attorney that is ready to build your family law caseload with highly targeted, exclusive family law leads, Mark My Words Media is your proven attorney lead generation partner. Our family law firm lead generation specialists look forward to consulting with you to provide a Free Market Analysis and Opportunity Assessment.

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