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Many potential clients have questions about the services we provide, how things work, and what they can expect from working with us. We have heard your questions, and hope that we are able to provide thoughtful and thorough answers to make your decision easier.

If you have any additional questions that we do not cover here, reach out to us at (800) 721-8491 or complete our contact form and one of our dedicated staff will provide you a comprehensive response.

This is one of my favorite questions to answer, Jim, and one of the key differentiators of Mark My Words Media.

We deliver Real Leads. Real Results. Real Fast.™

We do this by creating a sales-focused, mobile-friendly website with unique content written specifically for you and your business niche that is yours to keep, provide search engine optimization services, paid ad management, mobile marketing campaigns, and more, but all of that is done with only one goal in mind- Delivering Real Leads direct to your phone and inbox from people and businesses in your target market who are seeking your products or services.

This is the only metric that we report to you, because it is the only one that matters. Rankings, visitor counts, links, impressions, and other metrics are useful for us to determine how to best target your campaign to generate leads, so yes, we do track and monitor all of that data. However, it doesn’t mean anything to you if we have generated 300 high-quality links through outreach the previous month if it had no impact on how many phone calls you received.

We don’t want you distracted by the nitty-gritty details that we painstakingly pore over every day. We have it covered. We want you focused on delivering outstanding customer service and high-quality products, review generation, and making sure your phone gets answered every single time.

Well, Dave, a “Real Lead” is one that we generate for you through our marketing efforts, and meets 3 criteria:

  1. Is from a new contact- not a past client, marketing call, or referral;
  2. Is requesting services you provide;
  3. Is in your target market.

We record the lead calls that we send to you, and use those recordings to verify that the lead meets these criteria before it is added to your total lead counts. You also have access to those recordings at any time in your client portal on the ‘Leads’ tab.

Hi, Linda! This is an all-inclusive online marketing and lead generation service, meaning that when you work with us, there is very little that you need to do to keep a steady stream of Real Leads flowing into your business. In fact, there are only 5 things that we ask you to do:

  1. Answer the Phone
  2. Get More Reviews
  3. Take Great Pictures
  4. Provide Thorough Feedback.

Ok, so it is really only 4 things, but that first (and last) one is really important. If you aren’t answering the phone, you aren’t closing the sale, it’s as simple as that. And how can we deliver you a return on your investment the very first month if you aren’t answering the phone and providing outstanding service?

Hi, Derek- Great Question!

We promise to deliver our clients leads in as little as 2 weeks from project launch, and often fulfill that commitment on the very first day. Our proprietary, all-in-one marketing strategy allows us to start delivering you Real Leads right away. This turnkey solution consists of 4 simultaneous marketing campaigns for maximum visibility in all areas of the search results, including:

  • PPC (Paid Ad) Management- Top of page
  • Google Local Map Optimization- Map Results
  • Organic Search Engine Marketing- Your Long-Term Security Blanket
  • Mobile Device Marketing- Overlays all campaigns for mobile visibility

Why is our unique business model superior to that of our competitors? We make sure that no matter when or where your potential client searches online, they find your business, ready to get to work for them. The marketing blend that produces the best results changes as new competitors enter the market and others exit, and there are even seasonal fluctuations in the way people search. Because we continuously monitor, maintain, and adjust your campaign across all these different channels, we can not only immediately adapt to these changes, but predict their coming. This means that your phone keeps ringing, no matter what, which is all that really matters.

Hi, Charles!

Monitoring your lead count is crucial to understanding the profitability of your campaign. We want to ensure you have ready access to all of your leads, day or night, from anywhere you have internet access. That is why we provide you with access to a cloud-based Lead Manager, providing an at-a-glance understanding of your campaign and allowing you to monitor leads your staff may be handling, as well as keep you on top of follow-ups.

Our Lead Manager provides you with access to:

  • Your Real Lead counts
  • Text of any form leads
  • Recordings of phone leads for quality assurance/ follow-up
  • Any missed calls that may need attention
  • A place to provide feedback on the lead quality or other notes
  • Quote and profit financial tracking tools

One of the biggest complaints about marketing is that it is impossible to track the results, and this is true for virtually all marketing efforts. However, with Mark My Words Media’s Lead Manager dashboard, you can do exactly that.

By tracking which leads you convert into paying clients, and the profit that you make off of those clients, we can both have a firm understanding of the profitability of your campaign, making it an easy decision for you when renewal time comes around, and lets us know what we need to deliver to make you a success.

Excellent question, Andy! Most online marketing companies put a big emphasis on your rankings, using a ranking report as a shield or distraction. When you say “I’m not getting leads,” they say, “But look at these rankings!” We know that your rankings matter, but only for phrases that are proven to deliver you more leads and dollars. Even then, this is just one small piece of the puzzle, as there are many more, and more important, factors that affect the number and quality of Real Leads that we generate for you.

At Mark My Words Media, we only make 1 promise- that we will deliver you more leads, faster. This means that the only metric we measure and report is how many Real Leads we send you through our marketing channels. We want you to be focused on the business we are sending you, and on converting it into dollars. We don’t want you wasting time on whether your rankings slipped 2 places, and what could have happened. We worry about this for you, and when you work with us, you will continue to get leads regardless of your rankings.

That being said, Search Engine Optimization is one of our key marketing tactics, so while we don’t report on rankings, your rankings will naturally improve as a result of working with us, providing you with long-term benefits even if we choose to part ways somewhere down the road.

Hi Janice!

Nope, all of the leads you get from Mark My Words Media are immediately delivered directly to you as a live phone call or form submission, and are yours and yours alone. We don’t force our clients to compete for leads, and we don’t like competing with ourselves. We only work with one provider in one vertical per geographic target to avoid confusion.

However, remember that you are still competing with your local competitors, as we can’t keep a lead from reaching out to multiple companies, so a speedy response and outstanding service is still needed!

Thanks for the question, Leisa, blogging is a pretty hot topic for many companies. The short answer to this is that we don’t blog for you, and you shouldn’t do it, either. There are better, more impactful things that we can both be doing to grow your business.

Instead of blogging, we will from time to time create Press Releases on your behalf. These are then syndicated to major news sites and industry blogs where people commonly go to get information. The benefit of this instead of blogging is 2-fold: not only is your information located in a place where more people are likely to find it, it also generates high-value links from reputable websites, which benefits your SEO efforts. Blogging is dead, outreach is the future of content marketing.

You can always check out our testimonials, or we are happy to provide you with a reference list of current clients that can speak to the quality and quantity of leads that we provide. We feel that one of our first sign clients said it best:

“It’s worth every penny”
– Starlyn Fikkert, Great Bay Signs

We aim to surpass expectations, providing a risk-free experience. To qualify, maintain call rates, grade leads, gather reviews, and share financial statements. If ROI doesn’t double your investment, we work for free until it does. This guarantee applies to the initial term.

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