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Franchise Lead Generation

Accelerate Your Business Growth

Real Leads. Real Results. Real Fast.™

Are you ready to take your franchise business to the next level?

At Mark My Words Media, we deliver a steady stream of targeted, exclusive local leads designed to help you build your franchise.

And we do it Real Fast.

The way we approach local lead generation is a little different from our competitors.

We won’t try to distract you with flashy reports and metrics that don’t matter to you. We don’t talk about rankings, impressions, traffic, or any of the stats that other digital marketing firms use to measure effort, instead of actual results.

We only do one thing, and we do it really well.

We deliver Real Leads. Real Results. Real Fast.™

Let’s Talk About Leads

Local. Targeted. Exclusive.

The qualified leads we deliver are exclusive, targeted, and trackable. They are immediately delivered directly to your phone and email so that you can take care of the new potential client right away. Every phone call and form completion that we generate is not a verified lead. All leads must meet the following 3 criteria before being marked as a Real Lead.

  1. A first-time caller or new contact
  2. In your target geographic location
  3. Seeking the goods/services you asked us to promote

This means that competitors, spam, telemarketers, referrals, or existing customers are not included in your verified lead counts. We want to make sure that there is no question regarding the volume, quality, and profitability of the leads we are generating for you. Improving franchise growth is our passion, and we look forward to supporting your sales teams with our lead generation process.

Our new franchise clients can expect to average about 28.78 leads their very first month as our partner. While your exact lead counts will vary depending on your niche, geographic market, competition, and many other factors, we create a free, customized market assessment to provide better insight into what you can expect our lead generation services to deliver for you. Whether you are looking for new prospective franchisees, or are looking for new local customers for your franchised business, our lead generation for franchises will deliver exactly what you are looking for.

A Predictable Revenue Source

With Easy Profitability Tracking

Just because we don’t distract you with the nitty-gritty details of your campaign doesn’t mean that we aren’t paying attention to them. In fact, it is just the opposite. Quality lead data is the most valuable asset our company possesses. Digital marketing companies that readily hand over their proprietary campaign data and analytics don’t have anything to hide- which actually means they have nothing to protect.

As data scientists first and foremost, we understand the value of good, clean data. It is the key to our success. The wealth of campaign data that we accumulated during the past 22 years of successfully connecting buyers with local businesses provides excellent value to our new clients. This insight means we can launch new campaigns with unrivaled accuracy and speed. Our data is priceless, and we do everything we can to protect it.

Even though we don’t provide flashy reports, you don’t have to just take our word that we are delivering for you. We make it incredibly easy for you to understand precisely what our strategy is delivering for you with exclusive access to your cloud-based Lead Manager Dashboard. Your dashboard shows every contact we have delivered, including the lead status, details of the contact, and even recordings of the calls for follow-up, training, and quality assurance. You can easily track lead progress, provide specific feedback or rate leads, and measure your campaign ROI from one login, anytime, anywhere. We provide the information you need to actually manage and grow your business and make smart decisions along the way.

Did We Mention That We are Real Fast?

Get New Leads As Soon As Day 1!

You can’t wait for franchise development. Our franchise lead generation strategy begins with getting to know you and your business. Your project manager will call to discuss the process and your campaign once you have completed a short project brief. Once we have all of the details we need to move forward, our design, development, and content team begin production of your free, completely optimized website, while our fulfillment team completes everything required for campaign setup. Working like busy bees, we are able to complete all of the tasks needed for launch in about 2 weeks.

Once we have completed and reviewed the strategy with you, we are ready to go! Instead of waiting up to 90 days to find out if you will get any results at all, we start delivering new franchise leads as soon as Day 1.

We don’t rely on social media, SEO, paid search, or singular marketing tactics to increase your franchise sales. We know that getting in front of people who are seeking franchise opportunities means that we need to creatively market your business in a variety of ways. Our franchise researchers will take a look at your franchise, your market, and your target audience to develop a customized plan for generating franchise leads for you.

Get Started Today

Marketing is all about results, and you can’t afford to wait. With our proven, all-inclusive, and flexible marketing strategy, we provide the leads you need to realize a return on your marketing investment, and we won’t make you wait to see it. If you are considering franchising your business and are seeking a potential franchisee, franchise buyer, or just want to generate more local traffic for your franchise business, our lead generation efforts may be right for you.

Our franchise consultant and lead generation experts are ready to answer all of your questions about how our customized marketing strategy works, and will prepare a free, exclusive market analysis for you at no cost.