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Google Places: How to Stand Out

Marketing your business, product or service online via Google Places can be tricky. Immediately, you are faced with millions upon millions of competitors, all with one goal, to get your potential customer to pick your page, amongst the many others, to click, to go into, to visit, and ultimately, to purchase what you are selling. While everybody seems to have a different way of achieving this, we at Mark My Words Media have come to rely on a fail-safe formula for creating our Google Local ads. Below is a detailed account on how we make our Google Locals. Read up, take some notes, and pay attention, because should you do everything correctly, trust us when we say that your customers will certainly come knocking!

The Contents Of Your Ad

Here, we cover every aspect of what you would find in a standard Google Local Ad. Like any landing page, there are some basics that every Google Local Ad needs, and these are as follows:


In creating your title, we encourage you to be as adventurous as possible. Stop at nothing to make your title stand out!


It only needs to be a valid address… (hint, hint, evil laugh ;-)) , so do not hesitate to uh, elaborate on this area, should you feel it will pay off with more clicks.

Phone Number:

Put in your real phone number, making sure it is actually the correct and current one. You never know, customers may want to speak with you through the phone!


It is imperative that you get YOUR keywords in here. Writing a stellar description does not necessarily mean stringing flowery words together, but in actuality it involves including as many relevant keywords as possible!

Pictures & Videos – Content For The Ad

In addition to the expected detail for the ad, Google will allow you to upload pictures and video URLs from YouTube. This is a must, because on a Google Local search, at least one of your photos will appear. The same concept with Landing Pages applies here, in that having “eye candy” will attract your customers. It is best to avoid usage of stock photos here and use “real” pictures associated with your business to give a real and legitimate effect.

Video is very highly recommended as well, especially if it is appropriate to your business. If you get someone to view our ad, you need to convince him fast! The extra content may just be what you need to get him over the winning line.

Wait, Hold On – Iʼm Not Being Listed!!!

Don’t worry just yet – Google often reviews the content you upload, so don’t always expect an immediate response. If this is the first time you are uploading an ad, you may see an “awaiting verification” status on there. You should only see this status the first time you create your Google Local Ad, so it is highly recommend that you actually verify by mobile phone to speed up the approval process.

It would also be good to remember that Google takes into account the physical IP address you are searching from aside from the keywords being entered. We’ve experienced instances where a competing business is listed first, even though they are absolutely miles away! This is simply because Google believes that company is more relevant to the search than you.


Coupons – Free Money!

Well, sorry to tell you but the free money isnʼt actually for you or I – but I’m sure the heading caught your eye! With Google Local, you can create coupons that help your site stand out more! It is a known fact that buyers like coupons. You can use it to your advantage to generate interest in the site, in the same way that we use the word “free” on landing pages, as it pulls people into your funnel.

(insert coupon image here)

Our research tells us that that Google will focus more on coupons in the near future, and for this reason, I recommend putting them in from Day 1 that you create your Google Local Ad. Oh, it would also be good to include graphics too. One of Googleʼs other Lab Projects is an aggregation feed for Coupons, so expect some developments here shortly too.

Tips on the Application of Google Local

If you have access to multiple physical addresses, create multiple ads, as your business immediately becomes pan-American and pan-European. This should seem very impressive to your target customer.

Create Coupons – this is eye candy for surfers- the words, “FREE FREE FREE”. Google will focus on this more and more, and is a sure ticket to win over more customers.

Use Keywords for your categories, and don’t necessarily rely on Googleʼs categories.

If youʼre listing, use a non-geographic telephone number to avoid Google thinking you only have one location.