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Accelerate Your Business Growth!

Real Leads.

Our all-inclusive internet marketing strategies deliver our clients local leads, direct to their phone and email. Our average client gets 28.87 leads their very first month, across all niches and locations. We will discuss what success looks like for you and develop a personalized plan to achieve it.

Real Results.

We don’t rely solely on SEO, Adwords, or Social Media to deliver your business the leads that it needs to succeed. Things change fast online, and we need to be flexible to those fluctuations. That is why we utilize a unique and specific blend of marketing tactics, techniques, and methods that matures along with your campaign to ensure consistent, targeted lead delivery. You can check your leads or monitor campaign ROI anytime from our Online Lead Manager.

Real Fast.

Our clients can expect our efforts to start generating new business opportunities as soon as Day 1! We typically launch our programs in under 2 weeks from signup, with your completely optimized and mobile-friendly website branded to your business and ready to attract the right kind of business for you. You don’t have to wait weeks or months for our marketing to start working. We know how to deliver fast for you.

All you have to do is answer the phone and sell your services!

Why Our Leads Are Better

Our unique business model means we spend thousands of our own dollars upfront to ensure you win first, and win fast. Money loves speed, and we know that you need to start growing your business today. With close to 100 years of executive staff experience in growing businesses online, we know exactly how to deliver faster and better for you.


You can’t afford to wait 30, 60, or even 90 days for your marketing to start generating new potential business. We start delivering new leads as soon as Day 1. That’s 5x faster than our competitors.


We start with a broad approach to generate you as many leads as possible as fast as possible. This allows us to quickly identify what marketing channels and lead types are resulting in the most dollars for your business, in order to better target our strategy to deliver more of what you want the most.


We only work with one client in one geographic target per niche at a time. This means that the leads we provide you are yours and yours alone. They will be generated via our proprietary marketing strategy designed exclusively for your campaign, and sent directly to your phone or email for follow-up.


In order to qualify as a Verified Lead, a contact must meet 3 criteria:

  1. Must be a First Time Caller or New Contact
  2. Is located or interested in your Targeted Geographic Area
  3. Seeking your Promoted Products/Services

One of our dedicated managers, who is a Lead Verification Specialist, listens to every call we generate for you to determine if it’s a Verified Lead. We never count spam, telemarketers, referrals, or anyone who doesn’t meet the criteria above in your lead counts.


It is important to us that our partners understand the value of what are delivering them. For this reason, we have made lead tracking a priority. We provide a cloud-based online dashboard where you can access your leads at any time, listen to call recordings, and provide feedback on lead quality to help us deliver more of the calls you want most.

Can We Help You?

We work with local and national service businesses across the USA and Canada who need more leads & clients from the internet. Our ideal clients are business to business, legal, medical, and other service industries with high ticket averages and fast close times.

Professional & Local Service Companies

Are We A Good Fit For Your Business?

Since we are only able to work with one partner in a specific niche and geographic location, we have the opportunity to be selective in who we work with. We thoroughly analyze every opportunity to make sure it is the right move for both parties.

If you aren’t willing and ready to answer your phone, provide outstanding service, and close more deals than ever before, we aren’t the right online marketing partner for you.

If we look at our research and find that there simply isn’t enough business in your location to justify the cost of our services, we aren’t the right online marketing provider for you.

Our ideal partner is motivated to grow their business, excited to provide us the feedback we need to improve their campaign, and driven to make the most of every new opportunity that comes their way.

We do everything in our power to set ourselves up for success when selecting who we work with, and are driven to overdeliver. We would be happy to analyze your niche and market to determine if there is an opportunity for partnership between Mark My Words Media and your brand.

Been Burned by Another Online Marketing Provider?

Our best partners are those who have previously spent money on online marketing services, as they are truly able to appreciate the level of results that we provide. Those who have worked with our competitors are the first to tell potential new marketing partners that they wish they had made the decision to work with us sooner.

Call (800) 243-2077 for More Information on a Better Online Marketing Solution!

How We Help

All-Inclusive, Self-Funding Campaigns

All Inclusive Digital Marketing

From your free mobile-friendly, lead capture website with expertly written content to your precisely managed internet marketing campaign, we deliver the leads you need to earn a positive ROI on your marketing campaign. With 22 years in business and combined executive staff experience of over 100 years, we know how to deliver you success.

  • All-Inclusive Online Marketing Blend includes paid ads, SEO, local maps listing, mobile targeting, & more for maximum, targeted online visibility.
  • Instant, Exclusive, Verified Lead Delivery: We deliver first-time callers, in the geographic market we agreed to target, looking for the products or services you asked us to target as direct phone calls to you. Nothing else is counted as a lead, and your leads are yours alone.
  • Online Lead Manager allows you to easily view your leads & track your marketing ROI

What’s Included?

Start to Finish – We Handle Everything!

We do everything from producing your new lead capture website all the way to tracking the lead details as they come in. All you have to do is answer the phone and sell your services!

Free Lead Generation Website

Free Responsive Website

Expert Content Creation

Expert Content Creation

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Local Listing Optimization

Local Listing Optimization

Verified Lead Reporting

Lead Tracking & Reporting

Why Us?

22 Years & 1000+ Happy Clients

Mark My Words Media Celebrates our 22nd Anniversary

Our 1000+ satisfied clients have allowed us to prove ourselves time and time again by delivering more leads for your marketing dollar than any other marketing system or company. With so much experience we know what works online and we are excited to build a marketing campaign for your company that will deliver the highest return on investment possible.

Not Your Average Internet Marketing Firm

Mark My Words Media has over 22 years of online marketing experience, allowing us to promote, market, and grow your business quickly and skillfully. Delivering our clients a dependable stream of verified leads isn’t the only thing that sets us apart from our competition. Both our clients and our own research shows that when side-by-side comparisons are made, there really is no competition.

We provide more high-quality leads, 5x faster than other lead generation and web marketing companies. And if that’s not enough, we boast a proprietary, cloud-based dashboard that allows you to accurately track your marketing ROI.

With over 500 satisfied clients and 22+ years in business you can be confident that we have the experience and dedication to get the job done. Most other marketing companies deliver ranking reports and excuses. We deliver leads to help grow your business!

Our Clients Say It Best

Client Testimonials

Beware of the overly-produced and scripted client testimonials many of our competitors feature on their sites! All of our reviews are unscripted, genuine accounts of actual client experiences, in their own words and from their own perspective.







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