How Do You Stack Up? Lawyer Marketing Analysis

Law firm marketing analysis

Marketing your law firm isn’t easy.

However, there are some things you can do on your website TODAY that can make a huge impact on your ability to generate and convert more local law leads.

1. Get a Website!

Get a Website

Are you one of the 40% of Small Law Firms that does not have a website?

Then this is the first place you should start. 96% of customers who are seeking legal advice begin by using a search engine to find local law professionals.

If you don’t even have a website, then there is no way you are being found by the vast majority of people who are actively looking for assistance that you can provide for them.

2. Make It Easy For Them To Contact You!

Make It Easy to Contact You

70% of law firms do not have a call to action on their homepage, 68% do not have an email address on their home page, and 27% don’t even have a phone number!

Since the majority of internet users do not make it past the first page of many websites, the information that they need in order to reach out to you needs to be on the forefront.

We typically recommend a form on the homepage that can easily and quickly be completed by the lead, as well as your vital contact information in the top right corner of EVERY page on your website!

72% of people only contact 1 attorney, and 87% then go on to hire that attorney! With legal issues, the majority (74%) will contact an attorney via phone even though they found them online.

Simply adding your phone number to the top of your website homepage can instantly and dramatically change the number of leads you are receiving.


It doesn’t hurt to be good at call handling, either.

3. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly!

Make It Mobile Friendly

Even though mobile internet usage has now surpassed standard desktop computers, 66% of Law Firm Websites are not mobile ready!

This doesn’t mean that you need a separate mobile website, simply one that displays well on mobile devices.

Many web designers/developers now use what is called a responsive website, which has unique display parameters based on the device it is being accessed from.

This means that it will always show correctly, whether on a desktop, tablet, or cellphone. 31% of consumers are using mobile devices to research lawyers, and if your site does not display properly on their device, chances are they will continue their search and ultimately select a lawyer who provides them with an optimized mobile experience.

4. Update Your Website!

Update Your Website

You are doing new things, have expanded your experience and expertise in your field, and have gotten more cases and more reviews. 

So why aren’t you telling the people it would matter to the most?

Regularly updating your content not only looks good to potential clients who are visiting your firm’s website, it also shows search engines that you are actively engaged in your business, and will often lead to higher organic search rankings. 74% of people needing legal assistance plan to take action on a firm’s website.

If your website content is not being regularly updated, then you may miss out on this business because they either won’t be able to find you in search engines, or may even assume that you are no longer practicing since you haven’t updated your blog since 2013.

We Can Help!

We can help

These 4 simple things can make all the difference to your practice. These factors are so important, that we include ALL OF THEM with any marketing plan agreement.

We want to make sure you are set up for success, and believe that putting your best foot forward is paramount to accomplishing that. If you need assistance with completing any or all of these items, please contact us today for a consultation and evaluation of your current web presence.

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