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Don’t waste time and money battling it out with other Irvine, CA Cabinet Painting contractors on Yelp, Angi or HomeAdvisor to drum up customers for your business. The service you offer is unique and your leads should be too.

Let us help. We don’t generate leads just to sell them to the highest bidder. That’s not the way we operate. We work exclusively for you, generating real, verified leads that go only to you. 

That’s just one of the ways we stand out from the other marketing companies who claim to market your business on the internet.

We’re not a social media company. We won’t force you to come up with cutesy blog posts every day. We don’t fill your inbox with meaningless reports and calculations that do nothing to help you as a busy business owner get down to the bottom line.

You are a real pro at what you do, and we are pros at what we do. We have more than 25 years of experience helping business owners like you earn real money with quality digital marketing.

We do just one thing – and we do it well. We deliver Real Leads, to net your business Real Results, and we do it Real Fast.

So Let’s Talk About Leads

What kind of leads do you want to make your Irvine, CA Cabinet Painting business profitable?

Exclusive. Local. Targeted.

Great news! That’s exactly what Mark My Words Media delivers. We bring new customers in your area who are looking to book cabinet painting jobs directly to your email and phone.

Those local, targeted leads are yours, and yours alone. We generate cabinet painting leads specifically for you using our full-service digital marketing strategy. We aren’t brokers. We never sell your leads to other cabinet painting contractors, nor do we create bidding wars for work projects. We would never waste your valuable time and money that way. 

What we do instead, is bring potential customers who are nearby and looking to buy your services directly to your inbox or phone.

A Predictable Revenue Source

No Hassle Lead Tracking

While our methods are time-tested, we don’t offer cookie cutter service. The kind of leads we deliver to you depends a great deal on you. We start with a discussion about your business, the services you provide, and the areas you most want to serve. We ask what the perfect lead would be in your eyes, and from all that information we begin to develop a market analysis exclusive to you. Once we learn about your business goals, we start working to surpass them.

In their first month after campaign launch our average contractor partner receives about 28 Real Leads. Depending on your location, business niche and requirements, your results may vary.

What won’t vary is our exclusive Online Lead Dashboard that makes it easy for you to see your leads anytime and anywhere you happen to be. On our cloud-based dashboard you can track the status of any project, listen to recordings of client calls, give us feedback on lead quality and targeting, and measure the ROI for your marketing dollars in real time.

Did We Mention That It’s Fast?

Real Fast

Why are we driven to deliver Real Leads, Real Fast?

First, your business needs new customers NOW. You can’t afford to waste 30-, 60-, or 90-days waiting for our competitors to deliver even one lead, and we can’t stand to wait that long to make you happy.

Second, we want you to fall in love with Mark My Words Media. We want you to stay with us for the long haul, tell all your friends who own businesses how great we are, and leave us glowing reviews on the internet.

We don’t like waiting around and won’t ask you to. Our time-tested, full-service marketing strategy starts working to deliver targeted, local leads as soon as Day 1!

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Don’t Wait Another Day!

If your Irvine, CA cabinet painting business needs exclusive, targeted, local new business leads in order to grow, then waiting is not an option. Stop wasting time and money with Angi and HomeAdvisor. Call the proven targeted lead generation pros at Mark My Words Media today!

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