Mark My Words Media Newsletter- February, 2018

Spring Is Here!

Spring is almost here!

Days are getting longer, birds are chirping, and people are finally waking up from their post-holiday hibernation.

Regardless of location and niche, we have all felt the impact of the February blues. It is historically one of the slowest business months of the year, however it provides the perfect time to prepare your business for the upcoming year.

I hope you have used your February wisely, because March is almost here, and we are ready to rock it out for you!

We have spent our February not only searching for leads under every rock to deliver for you, we have also laid the foundation for future marketing activities to help increase your exposure faster.

Let’s go close some deals!

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Let Us Know What You Want To Learn!

We are always looking for topics for blog posts and education series. If there is anything you want to learn about, we are happy to do the research, collect the data, and find the best possible answer for you. Chances are if you have a question, others do too.

We have been laying the foundation for an exciting project that we expect will deliver more leads for our sign clients.

We have compiled a large database of search data and information that shows what key phrases are delivering the most value for you, and we are working to capitalize on that insight for your benefit.

At no additional cost to you, we have been greatly expanding your site content by creating highly-targeted, specific product pages.

Not only will you have expanded content on your site, many of the image galleries will soon be clickable!

Making these adjustments and improvements increases our ability to target an increasing amount of sign types and ultimately deliver more leads to you.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement, and this is only one of the many ways that we invest in you.

Amazing job generating more Positive Reviews!

We have seen a number of clients take advantage of a slower February by using their time to generate positive reviews for their business.

Where Do You Rank?

  1. Engaging Signs in Raleigh, NC -11 new positive reviews this month!
  2. Law Office of David Hurvitz, P.A has gotten 6 new positive reviews.
  3. Island Signs in Long Island, NY and Mark Your Space in Bartlett, IL  have each gotten 4  new positive reviews.

Honorable Mentions

New Modern Sign in Houston, TX- 3

Alpharetta Sign Company in Alpharetta, GA- 3

Outstanding work! 

Positive reviews are the #1 thing you can do to improve your online presence, so keep them coming.

Don’t forget you can now generate Google reviews on your website!

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