Pittsburgh, PA Mechanic Online Marketing

What we deliver

I could tell you all about our all-inclusive online marketing and lead generation strategy, such as how we develop you:

  • A conversion and mobile device optimized website that will be yours to keep, completely free of charge. 
  • Sales-focused content focused on conversion
  • 5 different marketing campaigns to create a 90-92% visibility level
  • Call recording with speed listening option
  • Proprietary lead verification process
  • Proprietary lead tracking and “grading” dashboard
  • Exclusive market protection
  • Sales and lead generation tools, resources and best practices

While we do a lot of things to accomplish your goals, there is only one thing we deliver for our clients, and that is Real Leads.

Real Leads

Our all-inclusive online marketing strategy delivers our clients local leads, direct to their phone and email in real time. Our average client gets 28.87 leads their very first month, across all niches and locations. The exact number of leads per month will vary based on what your market will bear, which we will discover during our initial project research. We will discuss what success looks like for you and develop a personalized plan to reach it.

Real Results

All of your leads are available 24/7 online in your Lead Manager Dashboard. You can listen to recordings, track the progress of your Pittsburgh, PA Mechanic campaign, and even rate your leads! We have a 5-star rating system as well as area for notes that makes it easy for you to let us know exactly what type of leads you want more of, and the kinds you don’t!

We are the only online marketing company with an easy way to provide immediate, lead-specific feedback.

Real Fast

Our clients can expect our efforts to start generating new business opportunities as soon as Day 1! We typically launch our programs in under 2 weeks from signup, with your completely optimized and mobile-friendly website branded to your Mechanic business and ready to attract the right kind of business for you. You don’t have to wait weeks or months for our marketing to start working. We know how to deliver fast for you.

All you have to do is answer the phone and sell your services!

Our leads are better

As an established mechanic online marketing agency, our unique business model means we spend thousands of our own dollars upfront generating more mechanic leads to ensure you win first, and win fast. Money loves speed, and we know that you need to start growing your business today.

With close to 100 years of executive staff experience in marketing planning, marketing automation, and growing businesses online, we know exactly how to deliver faster and better for you.

We only work with one client in one geographic target per niche at a time. This means that the Pittsburgh, PA mechanic leads we provide you are yours and yours alone. Your business leads will be generated via our proprietary marketing strategy designed exclusively for your online marketing campaign, and sent directly to your phone or email for follow-up.

We do our research ahead of time to give us the best launch possible for your campaign. Utilizing our AI-supported data analysis process coupled with your feedback, we are able to quickly identify what marketing channels and lead types are resulting in the most dollars for your business. This insight means we can better target our strategy to deliver more of what you want the most.

In order to qualify as a Verified Lead, a contact must meet 3 criteria:

  1. Must be a First Time Caller or New Contact
  2. Is Located or Interested in Your Targeted Geographic Area
  3. Seeking Your Promoted Products/Services

One of our dedicated managers, who is a Lead Verification Specialist, listens to every call we generate for you to determine if it’s a Verified Mechanic Lead. We never count spam, telemarketers, referrals, or anyone who doesn’t meet the criteria above in your lead counts.

We don’t rely solely on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Adwords (PPC ads), Paid Search, Display Ads, or Social Media Marketing to deliver your business the leads that it needs to succeed. Our all-inclusive Pittsburgh, PA mechanic online marketing services utilize many different digital marketing channels as part of your online marketing strategy and planning, such as paid media, search engine marketing, mobile marketing, and more.

It is important to us that our partners understand the value of what are delivering them. For this reason, we have made lead tracking a priority. We provide a cloud-based online dashboard where you can access your leads at any time, listen to call recordings, and provide feedback on lead quality to help us deliver more of the calls you want most.

You can’t afford to wait 30, 60, or even 90 days for your online marketing campaign to start generating new potential business. Traditional marketing methods like blog posts, public relations, and offline marketing are slow, but not us. We start delivering new leads as soon as Day 1. That’s 5x faster than our competitors.

Are We A Good Fit For Your Business?

Are we the right Pittsburgh, PA mechanic online marketing partner for you?

Since we are only able to work with one partner in a specific niche and geographic location, we have the opportunity to be selective in who we work with. We thoroughly analyze every opportunity to make sure it is the right move for both parties.

If you aren’t willing and ready to answer your phone, provide outstanding service, and close more deals than ever before, we aren’t the right online marketing partner for you.

If we look at our research and find that there simply isn’t enough business in your location to justify the cost of our services, we aren’t the right online marketing provider for you.

If you want non-stop reports on things like rankings and conversion rates instead of keeping your focus on growing your business, we aren’t the right online marketing partner for you.

Our ideal partner is motivated to grow their business, excited to provide us the feedback we need to improve their campaign, and driven to make the most of every new opportunity that comes their way.

We work with many different clients throughout the US and Canada, providing them with a reliable stream of local, targeted leads for their business.

Our ideal partners include:

  • Law Firms / Lawyers / Attorneys
  • Medical Offices
  • Local Service Companies
  • Franchises
  • Contractors

Our best partners are those who have previously spent money on online marketing services, as they are truly able to appreciate the level of results that we provide.

Those who have worked with our competitors are the first to tell potential new marketing partners that they wish they had made the decision to work with us sooner.

We do everything in our power to set ourselves up for success when selecting who we work with, and are driven to overdeliver. We would be happy to analyze your niche and market to determine if there is an opportunity for partnership between Mark My Words Media and your brand.

Burned by Another Lead Provider?

Our retention rates and online customer stories are further proof that we have the right online marketing strategy to fill your marketing funnel!

Real Leads. Real Results. Real Fast.™

For Real Leads, Real Results, Real Fast, trust one of the fastest growing online marketing firms to provide the leads you need to take your Pittsburgh, PA Mechanic business to the next level.

If you are ready to start growing your business with effective, all-inclusive online marketing that really delivers, our experts are ready to get to work for you.

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