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Mark My Words Media Newsletter- April, 2018

Time for Spring Cleaning!

The fresh renewal of April showers brings more than May flowers- it provides the perfect opportunity for some spring cleaning!

As a digital company, we have to do more than clean our physical desks. We have to make sure that our online office is in good shape as well.

For us, cleaning is all about organization. We have a huge collection of files, documents, and materials that we use to market our business, support our clients, and track our results.

Having a process and structure for file storage and retention means that our team is able to quickly and easily find what they need. This leads to increased efficiency, higher job satisfaction, and increased results.

Changes You May Notice

We have cleaned and updated our client area to make it easier to find the things you are most likely to want.

We have also added a button to schedule an appointment with your Project Manager.

We are working on cleaning up your site as well.

Currently, we are working on reviewing the menus, images, and structure of our client sites for improved speed, navigation, and conversion.

Our focus is on optimization year-round and we will continue to share updates and changes as we roll them out.
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Meet The Team!

Our Signworld partners will have the opportunity to meet Scott, Thomas, Chris, & Emily at the upcoming convention! We look forward to seeing you at Booth #205!
Sneak Peek at upcoming article

Mark My Words Media will be presenting an education session, called Get More Fish In The Boat, at the Signworld convention this Saturday morning at 9:00 am in Trinidad 6.

Here is a sneak peek of our upcoming presentation, with information any business owner can use to improve their sales.

Smart Tips for Phone Handling

  • Answer the Phone
    • Every time, with a professional greeting.
      • “Thank you for calling Signs, Signs, & More Signs, this is Scott, how can I help you?”
  • Listen
    • Keep your mouth shut and let them tell you what they want.
      • “…”
  • Make A Personal Connection
    • Relate to them in some small way.
      • “You run Maggie’s Donuts? I LOVE donuts!”
  • Validate Their Need
    • Reaffirm for them that they are making the right choice.
      • “These are great for building visibility!
  • Get The Details & Qualify
    • Get their information early in the conversation.
      • “Let me make sure I have the best contact details for you.”
  • Show Excitement, Affirm Ability
    • Let them know that want their business and have the required experience to deliver.
      • “We’ve done lots of jobs like this, we really enjoy them.”
  • Recap Action Items
    • Let them know what you need them to do next.
      • “If you can send me your logo this afternoon, that will really help.”
  • Set Follow-Up Commitment
    • Set a firm follow-up commitment and keep it.
      • “I will have a quote ready at 10 am tomorrow and can call you backthen if that works for you?
  • Reinforce Desire, Build Relationship
    • Tell them again how much you want to work with them, use collaborative words like “we” & “us”, and always call them by their name.
      • “It was great speaking with you today, Maggie. I am really excited for us to work together, and I know we will create an outstanding sign for you.”

Once you’ve hooked a customer, don’t throw them back!

The right initial conversation goes a long way in building the relationship, but you must live up to the commitments you make and continue to follow-up with the prospect long-term to maximize your lead potential.
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Answer the phone!
Keep Reelin
Get It In The Boat

spring 3 Mark My Words Media Newsletter- April, 2018

Shout out to Ben King of King Signs, Wraps, & Graphics!

Ben went above and beyond to help us with our Signworld convention planning, providing outstanding information regarding the leads we have delivered and his results, including profit, future jobs, and images of the completed signage.

We truly appreciate all of our partners that assist us by providing referrals, leaving positive reviews, giving feedback, and communicating the information we need to not only better support them, but to grow our business, and provide better results for future clients.

Thank you for everything you do for us!
King Signs Franchise Marketing
Complete Your Lead Manager
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