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Mark My Words Media Tips & Updates- August, 2018

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First, let me offer my sincere apologies to those of you who received a ton of old form leads early last week.

That really sucked, and we are very sorry that it happened. Chris even broke his stool. Trust me, when things are going wrong, WE FEEL YOUR PAIN.

We would like for things to always be perfect, but just like you, we are a growing company that sometimes has to trust other businesses to support us.

And just like you, sometimes those businesses let us down.

We never want to be the guys that let you down.

All we ask is for open, honest, and fair lines of communication. If things are going rough, we already feel it. We are doing everything in our power to fix it, while beating ourselves up over the fact that it is happening in the first place. We are in this together.

We are always working to be better and to deliver more for you. If you need us, just reach out. We are only a call or email away.
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Send Us Your Quote Templates for Review! We can provide feedback and advice for improving your conversion rates.
Flyers, sales sheets, and samples

6 Tips for Creating Effective Flyers, Sales Sheets, & Leave Behind’s

Putting together an effective leave behind or sales sheet for your clients can be challenging. There is lots of information that you could potentially share with them, from technical aspects to proof of your professionalism. What you choose to leave behind should be carefully considered, relevant to their project, as well as useful and compelling.

  • With all sales sheets, remember the focus should be on the client benefit. If you want to share technical details, make sure it is fully explained what those details mean and why they are important to the client. Just listing out specs will simply overwhelm them if there is no context or basis for comparison. Make it visual, exciting, and easy to understand.
  • Do the work for them. Price shop your competitors and be prepared to show your client why you are better, cheaper, or faster than the other guys. This is a great way to show the value of your proposition and can expedite your time to close.
  • Make it tactile. If your business allows you to provide material samples, then go for it, that is a great way to get the customer more engaged and interested in what you have to offer. If material samples don’t apply to you, consider unique business cards, scratch and sniff flyers, or other promotional products that are useful/relevant.
  • Be organized. Set up an area where samples, sales sheets, and flyers are stored, or create a kit to take with you so you will always have what you need. Make sure to replace any handouts as soon as you return from your last visit so everything is in place and ready.
  • Include Case Studies, Testimonials, and Reviews. This social proof is typically limited to the internet, but it doesn’t have to be. No one ever said that reviews can’t be printed and handed out as part of your reference materials.
  • Beware of information overload! Be selective in what you provide your prospect. An overwhelming amount of information and paperwork can actually be detrimental, showing your business as wasteful or unfocused. Explain why you are giving them the information that you are, ask them if they would like to keep a copy, and be polite if they decline. Some people would rather not keep the samples, so giving them the option shows that you are earth-aware.

LUCKY #7 Bonus Tip: Don’t forget your contact details! Make sure your flyers all include some way to reach you, even including them on your product materials with a sticker or stamp is a great idea. Business name, phone number, and email, and even your name for the extra touch of personalization, should be included on every item you give away.

Whether you choose to use sales sheets, samples, or flyers to support your sales process is entirely up to you. However, we have found that the majority of people positively respond to targeted, relevant, and well put together documentation that assists them in the decision making process.

If you would like to discuss with us what kind of sales support material would work best for your business, we would be happy to analyze your current materials and provide recommendations for how to best create an effective sales sheet to help you earn more clients.
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