Mark My Words Media Newsletter- December, 2017

Happy Holidays from Mark My Words Media

The holidays are a great time for reflection before the New Year.

Now is the time when we focus on the accomplishments we have had over the past 12 months, let go of any disappointments, and develop a plan for how we can improve in the next year.

In the New Year, Mark My Words Media will be focusing on:

  • Increased Efficiency through continued system improvement & automation
  • Staff Development through strategic hiring, promotion, and training initiatives
  • Client Support by providing tools and education opportunities for our clients

Our goals are a reflection of what is important to us as a company.

We encourage you to take some time as well to reflect and develop SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, & timely) goals for your own business and personal growth.

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Send us your Holiday Schedules for Christmas & New Years if you have not done so already! 

Mark My Words Media will be on reduced staff the week of the 25th, returning back to full operation on January 2nd. If you have any questions for us during that time, please submit a ticket through the client portal for fastest response.

As the saying goes, those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

We touched on what goal setting looks like for Mark My Words Media, so let’s talk about what it should look like for you.

Your business is comprised of many integrated, moving parts that work together to deliver goods and services, handling everything from the initial customer inquiry to post-fulfillment follow-up. A thorough assessment of your business practices, systems, and staff allows you to set specific goals targeted at growing your business in the direction that you want to go.

Tips for Goal Development

Planning for business development and growth can be an overwhelming process. Goal setting allows you to break down the elements into manageable, reasonable, accomplishable tasks. Whether you use the SMART method or have another system that works for you, we have some tips to help you ensure you are setting yourself up for goal accomplishment!

  • Involve Your Team: Goal setting should be done by you as the business owner, as well as your department heads for their specific area. By involving your staff in planning, you not only reduce your workload and get fresh ideas from your team, they will be more invested in goals they set for themselves than in goals you set for them.
  • Plan for the Journey: Having a goal is great, but you also need a plan to accomplish it. After you set your goal, set specific, measurable checkpoints and deadlines to help you ensure you are on the right track. Assign tasks to team members, allowing them to see how it supports the bigger goal.
  • Make It Visual: A great way to keep your goals in sight is to literally put them in your sight! Post them on a bulletin board, create a graphic that visually shows your journey, or come up with another creative solution to not only plan, but map and visualize your goals and all of the milestones along the way.
  • Don’t Lose Traction: Our declining interstate system ensures that no journey is without potholes, and chances are you will experience some bumps and setbacks along the way. Humans have a tendency to get bogged down in minutiae, pushing development to the wayside in order to handle immediate, short-term problems rather than working on long-term solutions. That’s ok! Take it in, let it go, and keep moving forward, adjusting your trajectory if needed.

Planning and goal setting can do more than help you in growing your business, it can also allow you to predict what could potentially go wrong. This critical evaluation provides the opportunity to proactively take measures to mitigate or prevent those risks.

Shout-out to Alpharetta Sign Company, Golden Key Law Group, Houston Sign Company, & St. Cloud Sign Company!

All of these companies have had NO MISSED CALLS so far this month!

As you all know, answering the phone is not only one of the few things that we ask you to do as our partners, it is the most important thing.

These teams have put processes in place that set them up for success, whether that be utilizing round robin calling, simultaneous ringing, call services, or other methods they have defined.

We appreciate their dedication to their own success!

If you are struggling with phone answering or handling, please reach out to us

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