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Mark My Words Media Newsletter- March, 2018

Welcome to Spring!

It’s Official! Spring is here!

This is our busiest time of the year and represents the beginning of the busy season for many of you also.

What We Are Up To

We are hard at work preparing for the upcoming Signworld convention in Las Vegas in April. If you are one of our Signworld partners, this is your chance to meet Chris, Emily, Scott, and Thomas. We are hoping to schedule a time for all of us to get together for a sharing session, in addition to our booth and educational session.

We are continuing the expanded content project, creating new pages for your sites to target even more new customers.

As always, testing and adjusting is a big part of what we do. The slower winter months meant a lot of work on our end to keep your leads flowing. We are excited to see that hard work carry over into a busy spring season.

We look forward to an exciting season ahead!

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Meet The Team!

Our Signworld partners will have the opportunity to meet Scott, Thomas, Chris, & Emily at the upcoming convention! We look forward to seeing you at Booth #205!
march 3 Mark My Words Media Newsletter- March, 2018

Google recently released the latest Adwords statistics and averages.

We were pleased to find that our campaigns far exceed the national performance averages, both overall and within our partner’s individual industries.

Click Through Rate

Click Through Rate (CTR) is a common factor for measuring the effectiveness of your ads. Your CTR is determined by what percentage of people who saw your ad took action by clicking through to your website. For example, if 100 people saw your ad during their google searches and 2 of those people clicked your link, your CTR would be 2%.

The average CTR of all active AdWords accounts on Google is currently 3.17%, with B2B being slightly lower at 2.41%.

Mark My Words Media delivers 2-3X that, with an average CTR of 6.4%.

Website Conversion Rate

The next factor is conversion rate, or how many people that make it to your website follow through by contacting you.

For the average website, only 3.75% of visitors reach out to the company, and for B2B industries, it is even worse at 3.04%.

We have not only surpassed, we have completely destroyed the competition.

Mark My Words Media delivers an incredible 21.7% average conversion rate (7x better than your competitors)!

So not only are you getting the lions share of the market through our targeted ad copy and placement, you are also converting a much larger portion of your visitors into new contacts who have raised their hand as interested in your services.

And this is only one aspect of your campaign!

We are dedicated to delivering these same results across all aspects of your marketing.
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spring 3 Mark My Words Media Newsletter- March, 2018

Thank You For Providing Outstanding Feedback!

Special shout out to the following:

Gayle Vendola of Street Style Sign Company in NYC

Anny Tritchler with Kanban Signs in San Diego

Dave Ferro with 303 Sign Company in Boulder

They are all doing an amazing job providing feedback through the lead manager!

Your lead manager provides a break down of all of your incoming contacts. By letting us know which leads are most desirable, we are able to better target your campaign to deliver more like them.

We appreciate their commitment to their campaign, and hope that others will follow their shining example!
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Boulder 303 sign company Mark My Words Media Newsletter- March, 2018
San Diego Sign Company
Complete Your Lead Manager
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