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Mark My Words Media Newsletter- May, 2018

Summer Time with Mark My Words Media

Here at Mark My Words Media, we are dedicated to providing you with quality leads that deliver a return on your investment. Part of this is providing you with the tools you need to both track the leads that we deliver and improve your lead handling process.

Our Lead Manager is one of our greatest tools and resources. We have gotten many great suggestions from you for improving the Lead Manager, many of which we have already implemented.

Lead Manager Changes & Upgrades

Added Client/Company Name Field

Added passed button- Recommended by Sean Phillips of Genesis Signs & Graphics

Play at 1.5 or 2x & timezone picker – Recommended by Trent McFadden of SwimKids

We love your suggestions- keep sending them!

We have many other tools, resources, and adjustments in the works to make it easier for you to better handle the leads that we deliver. We will keep you updated as these new resources are made available.

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Summer and Vacation season is here! We hope that you all take the time to enjoy the season, however, please make sure that your calls are being answered and properly handled during this time.
The Feedback We Need Back

How to Best Complete the Lead Manager

First, navigate to and login with your client username and password. Simply click the word “Leads” in the main navigation to be redirected to your lead dashboard.

Once there, you can scroll to the right to add your feedback and notes for each lead or contact.

Star rating first. Think of this as the happiness factor. How excited are you about this lead? Is this the ideal lead, a pretty good lead, a decent lead, an unexciting lead, or a totally irrelevant lead? This is the best way to tell us this.

Next, let us know if it was won, lost, passed, or if you are still working the deal (in progress).

Add the value and profit of every project of all-star ratings and all statuses. This is potential value & profit- we don’t care if you won it or not at this point, we want to know what it was worth to you.

Update the profit if the project status changes to won or in progress, if needed.

Add any notes that may help you or us. This can be where you are in the follow-up process, or anything you want to remember about that job or client. You can add to these notes at any time as your job or relationship progresses.

The company or client name can be added for quick reference. This could also be a quote #, case #, client ID#, or any other identifying information you want to use for that particular contact.

ALWAYS HIT SAVE! Anytime you make adjustments to the lead manager, make sure you are saving your work. Any rows with unsaved information will be yellow. You can always hit the orange “Save All” button in the bottom right corner to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

Provide the same information for any missed calls that turn out to be leads. The big thing about missed calls is that if you call them back, we don’t have a recording of that conversation, which means we have no way of identifying if these were a good lead without your feedback. If we don’t know it is a good lead, we don’t know that you want more like it, so tell us by using the lead manager tools.

It also means that you don’t have the ability to go back and listen to that call to glean additional information or review call handling. We strongly encourage you to answer every call for this and other reasons.

Customizing Your Lead Manager

There is a table columns link in the top left corner that allows you to hide/show various columns.

Campaign, Type, and Verified can all be unchecked, as the verified leads will all be green, and the type is obvious based on the recording or text. Campaign is only needed for clients who are running multiple campaigns or targeting multiple markets.

Search Leads Using Filters

If you are looking for a specific lead or contact, you can use the filters section to search using the name, phone number, or email address of your contact. You can search using any portion of their information.

For example, if you are looking for a particular call, you can put the last 4 digits of the phone number in the phone box at the top of the screen. Hitting the “Filter” button will return only the contacts that match your search parameters.

Once you have saved your notes or changes for the contact, you can hit the reset button to revert back to seeing all leads.

What the Lead Manager Can Tell You About Your Business

Listening to your calls allows you to determine who is doing a good job on the phone and who needs additional training.

It can also help identify important lead information like non-competitive pricing for specific product types. If you are getting a lot of wrap leads, and maybe you like them, and they have a high ticket, but you aren’t closing them, then that may be an indicator your pricing is too high.

Most importantly, when used accurately and filled out completely, you and I can both understand the profitability and value of your campaign, as well as how to adjust to provide you with a better lead quantity and quality.
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Login to Your Lead Manager
Updating Your Lead Manager- Star Rating
Updating Your Lead Manger- Job Progress
Updating Your Lead Manager- Value/Profit
Updating Your Lead Manager- Add Notes
Updating Your Lead Manager- Client/ Company Name
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Tom & Theresa Milton, of Phoenix Sign Company Paragon Signworks, says that sending quotes while on the phone with the client has greatly increased their close rates. This provides them the opportunity to clarify, answer questions, and get their immediate feedback. If your pricing is high, this can give you the opportunity to haggle.

If you give them the quote first and they feel the price is too high or the value isn’t there, they most likely just won’t talk to you again, and you will never know why. So even if you don’t win the job, following this process can help you get more insight into where the problem may be so you can be sure to avoid or account for it next time.

Shout out to Ben King of King Signs, Wraps, & Graphics!

Ben was named the Signworld 2017 Rookie of the Year, in addition to earning his place in the Bronze club for his sales volume.

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