Mark My Words Media Tips & Updates- November, 2018

Mark My Words Media Celebrates 22 Years In Business

On a cold Kentucky morning in November, the frost crisping each blade of grass, a new business was born.

In its infancy, the business was inexperienced but motivated, with a goal of helping business owners connect with new clients via an exciting new medium that was just beginning to catch on- the internet.

With nothing more than a dial-up connection and a bold dream, the obstacles at times seemed insurmountable, but the potential was too great to ignore.

As the business grew in age and size, new ideas, insights, and revelations were discovered as experts joined the team, bringing their unique experiences to the table, and refusing to leave.

Entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, sales experts, designers, webmasters, and those who simply had a bright mind and willingness to learn were brought on board to support the lofty goals of the business.

Slowly but surely, ideas were tested, refined, and perfected into processes, product offerings were streamlined to support sales, delivery, and client satisfaction, and the business became a real corporation.

Now, 22 years later, the business that started as nothing more than a dream, has helped hundreds of business owners connect with thousands of new clients, provided a steady and growing income to dozens of dedicated team members, and is positioned to be one of the top lead generation firms in the nation.

We couldn’t be more proud.

Latest News Headline

Holidays are upcoming- make sure that you have staffing or a plan in place to handle any incoming calls while you are spending time with your family or vacationing. Remember, there is a lot that can impact lead counts this time of year, from the holidays to weather and more. We will be closely monitoring all campaigns in an effort to maximize leads during this historically challenging time of year.

We hope that you all have a happy and safe holiday season!

The majority of our staff has been with us for over 6 years!
Thanks to our partners, team members, and friends!

Of course, no business is successful without dedicated customers and clients.

We want to extend a warm “Thank you!” to all of our partners who have trusted us as their online marketing provider.

A special thanks to those who have been with us long-term:

Special Thanks to Our Long-Term Partners!

Starlyn & Jim Fikkert, Great Bay Signs

David Hurvitz, Family Law Attorney

Jonathan Fanning, JFan Photography

Andrew Emerson, Family Law Attorney

Charis Campbell, Property Law Attorney

Ben King, King Signs & Graphics

David Grigaltchik, Family Law Attorney

Andrew Gordon, Claims Adjuster

Mark My Words Media's Clients Are The Best!

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  • Talk to Family & Business Attorneys, Sign Companies, Doctors, Dentists, & Other Professionals in your area about what we do for you.
  • Let them know we can do the same for them. The contact should already know who we are and to be expecting to hear from us.
  • Let us know! You can call us at (800) 243-2077, or you can reach out to your sales representative directly. If we are a good fit for them, they are a good fit for us, and we both decide to work together, CHA-CHING!

Get a Free Month for EVERY referral that results in closed business- No Limits!

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