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Mark My Words Media Tips & Updates- September, 2018

A ship in harbor is safe blog post

“A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.” – John A. Shedd

I heard this quote the other day from an elderly man named Oscar in a human interest story on the news, and it really stuck with me, and not just because it is hurricane season.

As entrepreneurs, we are risk-taking machines. However, we are all still susceptible to relying on the safety of the harbor when the seas get rocky.

Too often, we find that something is comfortable, or acceptable, so we are reluctant to make a change, whether that be in our processes, our employees, or even in our own actions and behaviors.

At Mark My Words Media, we used to be in the business of letting clients dictate their specific marketing blend, determining exactly what programs they wanted to use.

It simply didn’t work, for us or our clients.

So we asked, “What if we just did everything? Can we just do that? How can we make that work?”

And it completely changed our lives and our business.

We could now take action to make sure our clients were over-the-moon happy without having to wait for the approvals, reviews, and feedback that would habitually delay projects, often until the initiative was no longer timely or effective.

We did something that was completely different than what everyone else around us was doing, and that allowed us to be flexible enough to consistently deliver for our clients, faster than ever before (or anyone else).

A challenge for all of us:

I want to challenge you to critically analyze one aspect of your business every single day, whether it be something as simple as why the tape dispenser sits by the phone when you always use it by the computer, to something as complex as your employee compensation structure.

And don’t be afraid to innovate, or ask, “What if we didn’t? What if we did this instead? What if we could? How could we make that happen?”

These are the questions that lead to disruption, and ultimately growth.

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Start Thinking About Holiday Promotions! Even though it seems like the holidays can’t possibly be approaching, they are definitely headed our way. If you are offering any type of promotion or special for the holiday season, let us know so we can help to feature that within your campaign!

Sneak Peek at upcoming article

We are currently working on a new article about how Google determines what results to display during a search query. Here is a sneak peek at an early infographic that will eventually accompany the article.

How Google Determines Search Results

spring 3 Mark My Words Media Tips & Updates- September, 2018

Call Handling Champ!

Shout out to Tampa Family Lawyer David Hurvitz, PA!

David has made a conscious effort to ensure every call he gets is answered by someone who is qualified to handle the potential client on the other end.

David uses the assistance of a call handling service called AnswerFirst to help support his on-site staff.

They have been a great resource for our legal partners.

If you are struggling with getting your phones answered, get help! According to our own research and combined lead statistics, every call that comes in has a 1 in 4 shot of being your next client.

The longer you wait to resolve this issue, the more opportunities you are missing, which means that you are not only missing the business, but passively helping to support your competitors. Your failure is someone else’s chance for success.

Tampa Florida Family Law Attorney Marketing

How To Win A Free Month of Marketing

  • Talk to Family & Business Attorneys, Sign Companies, Doctors, Dentists, & Other Professionals in your area about what we do for you.
  • Let them know we can do the same for them. The contact should already know who we are and to be expecting to hear from us.
  • Let us know! You can call us at (800) 243-2077, or you can reach out to your sales representative directly. If we are a good fit for them, they are a good fit for us, and we both decide to work together, CHA-CHING!

Get a Free Month for EVERY referral that results in closed business- No Limits!

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