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Personal Injury Lead Generation

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Personal injury lead generation is unlike marketing online for any other niche, even other legal markets. Hyper-competitive, the personal injury space is full of deep-walleted, marketing-smart players. It’s no surprise that personal injury attorney online marketing that delivers real results is hard to find.

That’s why we aren’t like the other lead generation agencies and digital marketing firms out there.

The way we handle legal lead generation for personal injury attorneys is different. We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. Maybe PPC is too competitive for your market. Perhaps SEO is too slow. Maybe social media isn’t effective for your location.

Our expert legal lead generation specialists find the ideal mix of digital marketing strategies, based on your target market and most desired lead type. We then execute your customized strategy with flexibility, allowing us to be responsive to market fluctuations, as well as your feedback, in order to provide consistent lead delivery.

We don’t misdirect you with flashy reports and talk of rankings that don’t tell you anything. Instead, our lead manager dashboard helps keep you laser-focused on the only thing that really matters- building your personal injury caseload with Targeted, Exclusive, & Trackable Real Leads.

So Let’s Talk About Leads

Targeted. Exclusive. Trackable.

Personal Injury Law Marketing

What kind of leads can you expect our marketing to generate? Well, that depends on what you are looking for. We begin all of our partnerships with a review of your local geographic or target market, your desired client type, and your competition to determine what we think the market will bear. This allows us to provide you with a reasonable expectation of both the quantity and types of leads that our marketing can produce for you. Want more leads for auto accident injury lawyers? Want to focus more on premise liability? Let us know, we will make sure it is included in our research!

All of the personal injury leads that we deliver are yours and yours alone, delivered in real time to your phone or inbox. This means that you can immediately start to assist your potential new client without delay. If you miss a call, we will let you know and you can always manage all of your contacts by accessing our Online Lead Manager dashboard, anytime day or night to review or provide feedback on leads.

Our personal injury lead generation strategy is all-inclusive and customized specifically to your market and needs. This means that your marketing blend may include google adwords (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), local listing management, content marketing, mobile marketing, social media marketing, display advertising, retargeting, or other digital marketing strategies as needed to consistently deliver you a steady flow of incoming leads. We focus our marketing effort and dollars where it makes the most impact, when it matters the most.

We understand the only thing that matters is that your phone keeps ringing.

What You Can Expect

You Tell Us What You Want. We Make It Happen.

Our personal injury attorney partners know that when they work with us, they can expect to get fast and consistent results. We get to know you and your personal injury firm before we ever begin, allowing us to start your lead generation campaign off strong. Once we get early results in and some feedback from you, we can tweak and adjust the campaign to better hone in on the lead types that you desire most. This allows us to greatly improve both the quantity and quality of the legal leads we are providing as your campaign matures.

  • Our Tampa Family Law partner since 2015 got 36 Real Leads his first month.
  • Our Las Vegas Criminal Defense partner got 17 Real Leads his first month.
  • Our New Jersey Personal Injury partner got 33 Real Leads his first month.

Feedback on the direction of your campaign, as well as lead specific feedback, can be provided through our client portal and Online Lead Manager Dashboard, accessible 24/7. Clients that utilize our lead manager to provide feedback from the onset find that they benefit from accelerated results and a faster return on investment.

It’s A Delicate Science

With Proven Results.

Mark My Words Media celebrates 23 years in business

In order to generate exclusive leads for your business, we find that our experts are not so much marketers as they are data scientists. With 23 years of experience connecting consumers with providers has not only provided insight into marketing trends and long-term patterns, it has also allowed us to build a wealth of data and proven tactics that can be reproduced on your behalf. You don’t have to just take our word for it, though. Our 5-star reputation and 100’s of success stories are proof.

Historically, tracking the ROI of marketing campaigns has been a challenge. When a call comes in, your main focus is on getting them in the door and retaining them as a client, not on discovering how they found out about your personal injury firm. However, in order for you to determine if your marketing is profitable, you need a reliable method for tracking your incoming leads, and we provide exactly that. Our personal injury clients are in love with our Lead Manager dashboard because it allows them to easily tie their leads to actual paying clients and profit dollars for their firm.

Did We Mention That It’s Fast?

Real Fast.

When it comes to marketing, you simply can’t afford to wait for it to deliver. Our existing personal injury clients, our past experiences, and our research shows that singularly focused SEO providers typically don’t deliver even their first lead until 30, 60, or sometimes even 90+ days into their attorney marketing campaign.

This is simply unacceptable! It is our primary focus to start delivering high-quality, focused legal leads as soon as possible, so you can start realizing a return on your investment without delay. We know that in order to grow your law firm, you need inbound personal injury law firm leads, and you need them fast.

With our expertise and streamlined processes and systems, we are able to deliver steady new PI leads in as little as 2 weeks, with many legal clients getting their first lead Day 1.

That’s 5X faster than other lead generation companies. Are we fast? Find out for yourself!

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Ready for more auto accident leads? If you are ready to build your personal injury caseload with qualified, highly-targeted, and exclusive local legal leads, Mark My Words Media is your personal injury attorney lead generation partner delivering proven results. Our PI law firm lead generation specialists are ready to prepare your complete Free Market Analysis and Opportunity Assessment.

Real Leads. Real Results. Real Fast.™

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