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The #1 Thing On Your Corporate Christmas List

glowing review 970x511 The #1 Thing On Your Corporate Christmas List

Dear Clients, Visitors, & Friends,

As a child, one of my favorite things about the pre-holiday season was writing my letter to Santa.

I was a very thoughtful child who always made sure to enquire about the health of the reindeer, elves, and Mrs. Claus, but only as a perfunctory pleasantry before getting to the real reason for my annual correspondence with the big guy- the wish list!

Now, as a full-fledged grown-up with a successful business to run, there is only one thing I want for Christmas, and it’s the same thing you should be asking for, too.

This isn’t something you can get from Santa. However, it does only require a nice holiday letter to obtain it.

And, from a marketing perspective, it is the #1 Thing You Can Do To Quickly Grow Your Business.

This Christmas, I will be writing all of our clients a nice holiday note thanking them for their business, wishing them joy for the new year, and making one small request…

That they go to Google and write Mark My Words Media a glowing review!

This time of year, people are in the giving spirit, and a gift that doesn’t cost them anything, but has high value, is the perfect one to ask for!

Don’t be afraid to ask your customers for their honest feedback.

If you have done a good job for them, most people don’t mind sharing their experience, and it can actually improve your relationship with the customer. Asking for reviews shows that you care about your business, it’s success, and more importantly, your customers perception of your business.

So go write that wish list, Email it today!
You really must do it, there’s no better way-
To grow your business in the new year,
And fill your clients with holiday cheer!

With wishes for a warm holiday season,
The Mark My Words Media Team