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Unlike most web design and development companies, we own and manage our own set of income producing web properties and e-commerce stores, which allows us to have intimate knowledge of running web businesses. This translates into insight that most “designers” and “developers” simply do not have.

You can hire an in-house employee to manage your web presence, but there are two reasons why this is not your best move. First, they typically won’t have any Real World experience. While theory is great, it will only get you so far. There is no substitute for experience. Second, hiring someone to work in-house means that their education ends when their employment begins. We are constantly working on new and different projects, keeping us abreast of all of the latest design trends and development technologies.

Working with someone who has been in the trenches for a long time, and who knows when to adapt and change, is vital for long-term success. We are the honest, affordable, and dependable web development team you have been looking for! Call us and speak to our development specialists and the difference will be clear.

We Don’t Just Design Websites, We Build Web Businesses!

With 500+ Niche Blogs, Ecommerce, Lead Capture, and Professional Service websites of our own, we not only understand what it takes to launch a web business, but the best practices that lead to continued success.

Our privately owned and managed web businesses not only generate revenue for us, like our sites featuring incubators, poultry supplies, law firm marketing and a mini fridge, they also give us valuable insight into how web businesses work, and what it takes to make them successful. We take this valuable information, that can only be obtained through experience, to provide you with a website that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations. Included with all of our websites is the benefit of our knowledge, free of charge.

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Mark My Words Media Celebrates 22 Years in Business

Designing Websites Since the Beginning

We have been designing high converting, high quality websites and developing successful online marketing campaigns for the last 20 years. That’s from before google, ebay, amazon, and facebook even existed!

We have been through the entire evolution of the web, and have been able to witness the growth and changes first hand. This knowledge and experience is what allows us to deliver the highest quality websites and web development at the lowest prices.

Results Matter!

The difference between a good website and a great one are the results. All of our websites are created with search engine optimization, conversion, and your visitors in mind. In order to achieve maximum return on your marketing investment, all of these things and more must be carefully considered and implemented. Luckily the experts here at Mark My Words Media have you covered from conception to completion and beyond.

Get More Web Traffic That Actually Converts

Our #1 Goal is having your website visitor perform your “MOST WANTED RESPONSE”. This is typically a Sale, Lead, or other Action you want your visitor to take. We have optimized our page layouts to ensure that your most important message and the best way to contact you always remains focal. This makes it easy for the customer to make a buying decision at any time.

The functionality, layout, and content of your website all have an impact on if and when a visitor becomes a customer. From simple to interactive, we work together to build a website that is functional, attractive, and high converting, ultimately leading to a higher converting website that equals more business for you.

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Generate Traffic, Leads, & Make More Sales!

While many designers focus on simply making a website that looks pretty, our focus is much broader than that. Yes, we will make you an attractive website. Our Portfolio can attest to that. Our intake process includes allowing you to select colors, fonts, images, and to define what kind of look/feel that you are going for.

However, there is more to it than just picking colors, fonts, and images. We design websites that MAKE YOU MONEY. Any business owner would agree that they would rather have more $$ in their pocket than a custom font on their homepage. That is why, although we will make you a gorgeous website, our main focus is to build a website that converts visitors into paying customers.

Check out our web design reviews for even more proof of our success.

Our clients can’t stop singing our praises, and we can’t wait to add your glowing testimonial to our list!

Honest & Dependable Service

Web Design is a collaboration, and our team is invested in finding success for you and your business. We believe that working together is the key to online success, and your input every step of the way is vital. There are things we will need from you- feedback on our draft design, content for the pages, as well as color and image selection. We will tell you exactly what we need so that there is no wondering where we are in the process, and we regularly communicate with you through our project management system. Even when your website is complete, our work still isn’t done. We provide you with complete training on how to manage your products, blogs, and any other components so you can confidently move forward with your web business.

Expert Advice You Can Take to the Bank

All of our Web Design Clients will receive a dedicated Project Manager assigned to their project. Each client will work with the same Project Manager throughout. This streamlines the process, as you are working with someone consistently who is very familiar with your wants, needs, and goals.

All of our Project Managers have 10+ years of Web Design and Ecommerce experience, and have all served as business managers in a variety of niches. This wealth of knowledge and experience means that they are able to provide you with expert advice (free of charge to our clients!) to help you obtain maximum ROI.

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Consultation is the Key to Online Success

It all starts with an initial consultation between you and your Project Manager. During this conversation, we want to learn as much about your project and your business as possible. We will work together to answer questions like:

  • What is my Main Goal for my website?
  • What Content do I need for my website?
  • What will Set Me Apart from my competitors?
  • Does my website need full Mobile Compatibility?
  • How will I Market my website once it is complete?

Defining your goals and market positioning will help us to determine what level of functionality is required for you to meet the needs of your visitors. From simple to highly interactive, together we will choose the components that will allow you to achieve your goals.

We Build Sustainable Web Businesses TOGETHER

Affordable Web Design & Development

It’s not easy to find an affordable website designer who is reliable, trustworthy, and has your best interests at heart.

We strongly believe that we here at Mark My Words Media embody all of these things, and we would love the opportunity to prove it to you.

Call (800) 243-2077 or Contact Us to Speak With a Web Design Specialist!


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