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What’s Included

All-Inclusive Lead Generation Strategy

With Mark My Words Media, we do whatever it takes to generate high-quality and high-quantity leads for your business. As an all-inclusive service, we have the flexibility to adjust your marketing blend at any time in response to market changes, weather, or trends.

We provide a variety of marketing services and techniques to our clients as part of their personalized strategy, and the exact blend is unique to your current and future needs.

We use Search Engine Optimization to make sure your website ranks among the top search results for search phrases related to your services.

In other words, we make sure that the people who are looking for your services find YOU instead of your competitors!

To jump start your campaign we focus on generating a positive ROI from Pay Per Click utilizing our expertise in campaign scheduling, impactful messaging, and laser-focused customer targeting.

Mark My Words Media is a certified Google Adwords Partner, with a team of experts who are in the trenches every single day.

More and more people are relying on google local listings and other niche directories to identify which companies they want to hire or purchase from.

Whoever has the most accurate listing with the most reviews wins the clients, and we make sure that is you!

When people want something, they frequently turn to the device closest to them. More often than not, that is their mobile phone.

Mobile search is exploding as the preferred method for finding new businesses, and the way Google displays results is different from other devices. We optimize your campaign for maximum exposure across all devices!

You get a FREE responsive, search engine and conversion optimized website for your business that works perfect on all devices complete with everything you need to be successful.

Whether at home or on the go, you are never more than a click away from a new client!

Our professional, published writers will produce compelling, unique content for use on the optimized website we have created for you.

This content will be laser focused on selling your product or service and will drive visitors towards your goal of turning them into new and repeat customers for your business.

Our Online Lead Manager makes it easy for you to review and rate your leads, anytime, anywhere. This system provides all the details of the verified leads we have sent to you including recordings of the leads calls.

Our rating system lets us know, on a per-lead-basis, exactly what kind of leads you like best so we can get more of them.

Start Growing Your Business!

If 20+ new leads next month, and a consistently growing resource to produce more, would make a big difference in the way you manage and grow your business, we need to talk. The experts at Mark My Words Media will do a thorough review of your market and provide an honest assessment and analysis of what we can expect to deliver for you.

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