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Why should you select Mark My Words Media as your chosen Lead Generation and Digital Marketing Partner? Most companies could provide you with 5 good reasons, but since we believe in overdelivering, here are 6 reasons why we are the right partner for you.

We aim to surpass expectations, providing a risk-free experience. To qualify, maintain call rates, grade leads, gather reviews, and share financial statements. If ROI doesn’t double your investment, we work for free until it does. This guarantee applies to the initial term.

Our 500+ satisfied clients have allowed us to prove ourselves time and time again by delivering more leads for your marketing dollar than any other marketing system or company. With so much experience, we know what works online, and we are excited to build a web presence for you and your company that will deliver the highest return on investment possible.

26+ years of online marketing experience allows us to promote, market, and grow your business quickly and skillfully.

Delivering our clients a dependable stream of verified leads, at a fraction of the cost of an in house sales team, is our mission.

All leads are human-verified, meeting our specific criteria for lead verification: 1. A first-time contact 2. In your target market 3. Requesting the products or services you asked us to promote. Most of our clients get their first lead within a few days of their campaign launch, not the 3-6 months other marketing efforts or companies take. We also never share your leads with other clients. Every lead we generate for you comes from a campaign specifically designed to fit your desires, physical location, and product mix.

From your free mobile-friendly, lead capture website with expertly written content to your precisely managed internet marketing campaign, we deliver the leads you need to earn a positive ROI on your marketing campaign. With 23 years in business and combined executive staff experience of over 100 years, we know how to deliver you success.

Both our clients and our research shows that our SEO competitors typically don’t deliver even a single lead until 30, 60, or even 90 days into their lead generation campaign. We focus on delivering a positive return on investment as soon as possible, so you can start growing your business sooner. By streamlining our processes and systems, we start delivering steady leads in as little as 2 weeks.

When a new prospect contacts you, they often are in need of immediate assistance. All of your leads are instantly delivered directly to you either as a phone call or as an email. Unlike other lead generation firms, our Online Lead Manager Dashboard makes it easy for you to provide lead specific feedback, with access to call recordings, telling us exactly what kind of leads you would like more of, and which ones you want to avoid. This allows us to hone your campaign over time for improved targeting and increased ROI as your campaign matures.

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If you are ready to work with a partner who takes care of everything, allowing you to get back to running your business and taking care of your customers, we are here for you. Mark My Words Media is a dedicated online marketing provider, delivering all-inclusive digital marketing services for the business owner looking to get qualified leads on autopilot.

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