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Are you tired of wasting your entire marketing budget on HomeAdvisor, Yelp, Angie’s List, or Yellow Pages, and of competing with other companies for the same job, that is if you get any real leads in the first place?

We just don’t think that is right.

We don’t like waiting for results, and we don’t like wasting our time with strategies that don’t work. We are willing to bet that you don’t, either.

There are a lot of online marketing tactics that other digital marketing and SEO companies live and die by, that we simply don’t do. We don’t blog or post on your social media. We don’t worry about generating and sending reports that are both useless and meaningless to you as a focused and driven business owner. You don’t have to tell us how to do what we have successfully been doing for 25+ years.

We only do one thing, really, and we do it really, really well. We deliver Real Leads and Real Results, Real Fast.

Let’s Talk About Leads

Local. Targeted. Exclusive.

Mark My Words Media provides exclusive, targeted, & local new customer leads directly to your phone and email. Your leads are yours and yours alone.

Every lead we deliver is specifically for your business, generated through our all-inclusive lead generation and digital marketing strategy. This means that you are able to avoid the bidding wars that other contractor lead gen providers create.

Instead of reducing your margins and wasting time, energy, and gas trying to get there first, you can focus on building the relationship with homeowners and businesses in your local area and winning the job on value rather than price alone, leading to referrals and repeat business.

A Predictable Revenue Source

With Easy Lead Tracking

The quantity, quality, and variety of leads we deliver depends greatly on you. Our relationships with our partners all begin with a conversation about your unique business, the products and services you provide, what an ideal lead would be for you, your preferred or local geographic target, and many other elements. This information allows us to compile data for the market efficacy analysis, which later becomes the basis for our overall lead generation strategy.

Once we know your goals and expectations, we immediately start working to exceed them.

Our average door and window company partner gets 28.8 Real Leads their very first month following their campaign launch. Your business and campaign results may vary based on your niche, location, and needs. We will discuss specific expectations for you, both short and long-term during our initial discussions and market analysis review.

Want to see exactly what we are delivering for you? Our cloud-based Online Lead Dashboard lets you view your leads in real time, anytime, anywhere. You can track the status of a specific project, listen to call recordings for missed details or quality assurance, provide feedback on specific leads and overall campaign direction, as well as measure your marketing ROI in an instant.

Did We Mention That It’s Fast?

Real Fast

2 things are driving us to deliver your business Real Leads, Real Fast. First, we know that you need new business TODAY.

You can’t afford to not have any income flowing during the 30, 60, or 90+ days it takes for our singularly-focused competitors to deliver their first leads, and we can’t wait that long to make you happy.

Second, we want to make you such a raving fan of Mark My Words Media that you never ever leave, tell all of your business owner friends about us and the good work we are doing for you, and leave us fantastic positive reviews all across the web. We understand the importance of speed, quality, and results.

Our comprehensive lead generation and marketing strategy starts delivering your very first targeted window and door leads as soon as Day 1!

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If you need targeted, local, and exclusive new door and window leads to grow your business to your desires, then you simply can’t afford to wait any longer. It’s time to have a real conversation with the proven window company lead generation experts at Mark My Words Media.

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